Take me out to the ball game….

I am not a sports fan….except for baseball – especially Yankees baseball….I know, I moved to the wrong part of the country!  I don’t like basketball, Nascar, football, or hockey and there are no major league baseball teams in NC!   

But, I’m still happy – the 2010 MLB season is here.  I watched tonight’s game with excited anticipation as the Yankees were ahead of the Red Sox and kept them at bay……right until the end, when the Sox pulled ahead!  Yeah, I was disappointed, but it is early – first game of the season – there are a lot of games between now and October!  AND – it was a really good game – not a massacre by either team – I like that – even if the team I want to win doesn’t!

Yep – I am a Yankee transplant in the south and I am a NY Yankees baseball fan!  I’m doomed!  I’m definitely in the minority!  I will root for the Yanks no matter what – whether they are having a good season or a bad one – in good times and in bad!  And, if the Yankees are out of the picture when it comes to the end of the season, I root for whatever American League team gets there – except for the Red Sox!  I’ll root for anyone playing against the Red Sox.

I wish I lived closer to a major league ball park!  I lived too far away from Yankee Stadium to go to games there when I was growing up.  But I did get there once a few years ago on a business trip to NYC!  I was in total awe and was numb the entire time I was there just at the thought of being among the rich history and so close to greatness!  I also saw games at Camden Yards and Three Rivers Stadium.  But, that is it for up close and personal major league games.

As for minor league games — I used to enjoy going to see the Rochester Red Wings play.  I would go with friends and sit up in the cheap seats and enjoy some beer and dogs while taking in a game on a warm summer day!  Some great times were had!  I’ve been to a couple Durham Bulls games, but it just wasn’t the same!

So – I guess I’ll be happy to watch it on TV and hope for a chance to get to the NEW Yankee Stadium for a game sometime soon!  One of the things on my bucket list is to see the Yankees play the Dodgers (cause any self-respecting New Yorker still sees them as the Brooklyn Dodgers) in Yankee Stadium……it will happen, I know it!

But, for now……..PLAY BALL – the 2010 MLB season is up and running!

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