The price we pay for Spring

Spring is so beautiful — the colors, the weather, the newness of it all…..I love it!!!  But, it comes with a price.  Especially for those of us with allergies or asthma or both.  I am one of those people with BOTH!  So, while I adore spring and all its beauty, I suffer through most of it – at least the beginning of it!

I never knew you could actually “see” pollen before I moved south.  The first spring I was here, I saw all this greenish-yellow dust on everything – coating everything outside and filtering in through the windows to coat everything inside, too!  Then, when the rain comes, the dust turns into yucky looking greenish-yellow rivers and residue!  I asked around to find out what in the world it was and was told it was “pine pollen” — what?  really?  But, I found out they weren’t joking… was pine pollen!  And I soon learned to keep the windows shut until it was over and not to rub my eyes with hands that have touched anything outside before they were washed!  I once rubbed my eye outside and in less than an hour, I had an eye that was almost swollen shut with a HUGE puffy sack under my eye – it wasn’t sore, but it looked horrible!  It went down after a little while and some allergy medicine.

The other thing that really gets to me in the spring (and summer, really, but more so in the spring until I get used to it) is the smell of freshly cut grass!  I used to enjoy mowing grass and loved the smell of it, but had to completely stop doing it myself and try to stay away from breathing it in…..the event that forced that decision was a time not long after I bought my house and I was using the push mower on the hill in the front – it was well over 90 degrees and the combination of the heat, the smell of the grass, and the strain of pulling the mower up the hill sent me into a major asthma attack.  I didn’t have my inhaler with me, so I had to get into the house and find it in my purse…….the stress of trying to get myself help added to the attack and I came really close to a very serious medical situation!  Hence, I now rely on “the elves” to take care of my lawn and they put spreading blue juniper on the hill……

All this comes to mind today because I notice the pine pollen is starting to create a dusty blanket on things and my neighbor across the street was mowing his lawn when I got home.  I am having a hard time getting a good breath and my eyes are all scratchy like I have sand in them!

I already don’t open the house windows in the spring to keep the house “safe”, but I refuse to not put the top down and enjoy the breeze when driving the pony around town!  I just have to be careful once the pine pollen hits the peak and is the heaviest of the season — there will likely be a few days in the near future where I’ll need to stay inside and keep the top up!  But, for now, I’ll suffer through the light start while enjoying the top down when I drive!

One Comment on “The price we pay for Spring

  1. The pollen was super thick this weekend. You could see it just hanging in the air. Not the best weekend to spend outdoors, but at least the kids got a nature lesson. 🙂

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