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Welcome to my BLOG!   Please feel free to visit often and tell others that might enjoy reading my ramblings……go ahead and leave a comment, if you want!

My name is Kim.   I retired in 2011 and moved back to my home town in Western New York to be close to my family and old friends (after spending 26 years in North Carolina).  I enjoy spending time with my family and playing with my adorable dog – Megan. I have a passion for amateur photography and am rarely seen without my camera – especially when I’m on an adventure or out exploring (another passion of mine) – you’ll find the results here. I also enjoy community events and traveling.  When I’m not doing one of these things, you might find me cruising around town or on some incredible adventure with classic rock blaring on the radio!

I use this blog to jot down some random thoughts and share my travel and adventure experiences, as well as all the photographs I take along the way.   If you are reading my thoughts, I hope you find them enjoyable.

3 Comments on “About Kim

  1. Your adventure at the Tree Peony Festival is also mine. So breathtaking and relaxing. That is why every year I find myself at the Tree Peony Festival with another friend in tote who has yet to discover this piece of heaven. Some things are just worth repeating….

  2. Kim, Thank you for visiting Ganondagan and the Native American Dance & Music Festival. We are thrilled to hear you enjoyed your time here. I am very impressed with he images you took of the Longhouse and the Allegany River Dancers/Iroquois Social Dancers. I would love to use some of your images for marketing the festival and the site. Would you be willing to share them with me? Thank you, Meg Joseph, Executive Director, Friends of Ganondagan

    • YES! Of course! Feel free to right click on any that you want and save them. If that doesn’t work or you need me to email them to you, please send me your email address and I’ll be happy to pass them along. 🙂

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