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Daily Photo Challenge – January 23 – 31

Well, here we are……then end of January 2023……spring (and Christmas) are just around the corner!!! Hahahaha Let’s just get right on with the last of the January Daily Photo Challenge Topics: TODAY’S WEATHER SOMETHING I LOVE FOOD MY DAY SOMETHING BLUE I AM LUNCH… Continue Reading “Daily Photo Challenge – January 23 – 31”

2022 Mediterranean Adventure – Barcelona and Corsica

This is my 7th and final post of my Mediterranean Adventure Series – Barcelona and Corsica! The fifth and sixth ports on the seven day Norwegian Epic cruise were Barcelona and Corsica. I’m combining these two because I have the least photos and info… Continue Reading “2022 Mediterranean Adventure – Barcelona and Corsica”

2022 Mediterranean Adventure – Mallorca, Spain

Post # 6 of my Mediterranean Adventure Series – Mallorca Spain! The fourth port on our Norwegian Cruise Line Mediterranean Cruise was Mallorca (pronounced “My-orca”). We pulled into port at 1:15 in the afternoon and had to be back on board no later than… Continue Reading “2022 Mediterranean Adventure – Mallorca, Spain”

2022 Mediterranean Adventure – Monaco

Post # 5 in my Mediterranean Adventure Series – Cannes, The French Riviera, Monte Carlo, and Monaco. The next port – third stop on the Norwegian Mediterranean Cruise – was Cannes, France – our first French port. I was looking forward to this port… Continue Reading “2022 Mediterranean Adventure – Monaco”

2022 Mediterranean Adventure – Pisa and Florence

Post # 4 in my Mediterranean Adventure Series – Pisa and Florence I have wanted to see the Tuscan region of Italy for as long as I could remember! Then, along came the movie “Under The Tuscan Sun” and it became an obsession…..a major… Continue Reading “2022 Mediterranean Adventure – Pisa and Florence”

2022 Mediterranean Adventure – Naples and Pompeii

Post # 3 in my Mediterranean Adventure series…..Pompeii! I’ve been so busy catching up and I had house guests, so I’ve been bad about getting the posts written for this series. This is the next post in my Mediterranean Adventure series and will focus… Continue Reading “2022 Mediterranean Adventure – Naples and Pompeii”

2022 Mediterranean Adventure – The Cruise

Post # 2 in my Mediterranean Adventure series…..The Cruise! This adventure all started because I saw a friend posting photos of a cruise she was on. The photos were all of places that I still had on my bucket list and they were so… Continue Reading “2022 Mediterranean Adventure – The Cruise”

August Daily Photos – Group Two

So….as you’ll see from the photos in this group…..I recently returned from an adventure in the Mediterranean Sea – Italy, France, and Spain! Those blog posts will show up here in the next few days. But, for now, here are the August Daily Photos… Continue Reading “August Daily Photos – Group Two”

2022 Scotland Adventure – Part Three

To read about this trip in order, you might want to scroll to Part One first and then Part Two! Let’s continue with the stories and photos from my awesome adventure in Scotland… recap – Part One took us through Days One and Two… Continue Reading “2022 Scotland Adventure – Part Three”

2021 Rhode Island Adventure

Rhode Island – WOW!!! When I started telling people I was going to Rhode Island for a week, some said, “WHY?” Others told me I was going to love it! Well……I DID love it!!! When I first thought about a possible trip to Rhode… Continue Reading “2021 Rhode Island Adventure”