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Life Is Good Photo Challenge

I did a Facebook photo challenge called “Life Is Good” over the past 10 days. All the photos were selected from photos I have taken over the years and were not taken fresh on each day. This is what the challenge was: “Life is… Continue Reading “Life Is Good Photo Challenge”

2020 Hawaiian Adventure – Oahu

All good things must come to an end…..and so did my Hawaiian Cruise! Over the next four posts, you can relive my wonderful adventure with me…..since I posted them in order, they appear in reverse…..hhhmmm – I should think of something funny or philosophical… Continue Reading “2020 Hawaiian Adventure – Oahu”

2020 Hawaiian Adventure – Kauai

The highlight of the Hawaiian Cruise, for me, was Kauai! Several friends told me I’d love Maui best and I did absolutely love Maui, but my hands down favorite was Kauai…..with Maui a very, very close second…..of course, I wouldn’t turn down a chance… Continue Reading “2020 Hawaiian Adventure – Kauai”

2020 Hawaiian Adventure – Hilo and Kona

We pulled out of Maui about 6:00 pm and traveled over night to our next island – the Big Island of Hawaii – and spent one day in Hilo and then cruised to the other side of the island to Kona for a day.… Continue Reading “2020 Hawaiian Adventure – Hilo and Kona”

2020 Hawaiian Adventure – Maui

The first port on my Hawaiian Cruise – the Norwegian Pride of America – was Maui! We docked in Kahului for two days and I took a shore excursion both days. I was told that I would love Maui and I definitely wasn’t disappointed!… Continue Reading “2020 Hawaiian Adventure – Maui”

2020 Hawaiian Adventure – Cruising!

I started 2020 out with a BANG……in Hawaii!!! January 3rd, I got on a plane (see previous post for that drama story) and headed to Honolulu, where I spent the night in a lovely hotel in the middle of downtown. After a good night’s… Continue Reading “2020 Hawaiian Adventure – Cruising!”

2019 Transatlantic Cruise – TAC 5 – Dublin, Ireland

Sadly, my dream vacation came to an end when I arrived in Dublin, Ireland. We pulled in to port in the wee hours of the morning and were there and ready to disembark for the last time when we woke up. The cruise ended,… Continue Reading “2019 Transatlantic Cruise – TAC 5 – Dublin, Ireland”

2019 Transatlantic Cruise – TAC 4 – Liverpool, England

And, then there was Liverpool….. To say this was the highlight of the trip would be an understatement! First… wasn’t supposed to be part of the trip, at all! The original itinerary for this cruise was Azores and three stops in Ireland – Cork,… Continue Reading “2019 Transatlantic Cruise – TAC 4 – Liverpool, England”

2019 Transatlantic Cruise – TAC 3 – Cork, Ireland

Let’s continue our journey, shall we? After two full days at sea, we arrived in County Cork, Ireland! It has always been a dream of mine to see Ireland…..I came close to being sent to one of our sister facilities in Ireland to provide… Continue Reading “2019 Transatlantic Cruise – TAC 3 – Cork, Ireland”

2019 Transatlantic Cruise – TAC 2 – Azores

Hello, again……Let’s move on to the second in the Transatlantic Cruise series and visit the Azores! Before I booked this cruise, I had heard of the Azores, but had no idea where they were! I thought they were islands in the Caribbean!!! But, when… Continue Reading “2019 Transatlantic Cruise – TAC 2 – Azores”