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Lenten Daily Photo Challenge – Days 24 – 30

As spring begins and Easter approaches, Lent is beginning to wind down… is my interpretation of the next set of Daily Lenten Photo topic for the 24th-30th days of Lent: SPIRITUAL SELF CARE SIMPLICITY FLOWERS DRY GOD’S LOVE HOME COOKED FOOD PASSION Next set… Continue Reading “Lenten Daily Photo Challenge – Days 24 – 30”

Lenten Daily Photo Challenge – Days 8-23

So….here is the next set of daily photos of the Lenten season from the 8th – 23rd days of Lent: CONNECTIONS A SACRED SPACE FAMILY DINNER SOLITUDE MY CHURCH CALL A FRIEND DEVOTIONAL PRETZEL LANDSCAPE STATIONS OF THE CROSS PRESENCE PATIENCE BLACK AND WHITE… Continue Reading “Lenten Daily Photo Challenge – Days 8-23”

Daily Photo Challenge – March 1-17

Ooppss…..I guess I’ve been a bit lazy when it comes to posting the daily challenge photos I took each day in March, so far! Been a busy month…..but…..I’m here, now to play a bit of catch-up! Here you go: LOOK UP ROUND This is… Continue Reading “Daily Photo Challenge – March 1-17”

2023 Lenten Daily Photo Challenge – Days 1-7

I decided to take on the Lenten Daily Photo Challenge again this year… is this year’s topic list: And here are the photos for the first seven days of Lent: ASH WEDNESDAY PURPLE FISH LENTEN SACRIFICE SCRIPTURE REJUVENATE NATURE

Daily Photo Challenge – February 17-23

WOW – February is flying by!!! We’ve been experiencing a bit of an ice-age with sleet and freezing rain mixed with a little snow and temps in the 20’s……but, spring is just around the corner…..and warmer days are coming!!! SEE THROUGH A GAME ON… Continue Reading “Daily Photo Challenge – February 17-23”

Daily Photo Challenge – February 9-16

And on with the next set for February daily photo topics: SOMETHING IN NATURE A CORNER THIS HAS WHEELS MIRROR BEGINS WITH B ON A SHELF MONEY

Daily Photo Challenge – January 23 – 31

Well, here we are……then end of January 2023……spring (and Christmas) are just around the corner!!! Hahahaha Let’s just get right on with the last of the January Daily Photo Challenge Topics: TODAY’S WEATHER SOMETHING I LOVE FOOD MY DAY SOMETHING BLUE I AM LUNCH… Continue Reading “Daily Photo Challenge – January 23 – 31”

Daily Photo Challenge – January 10-15


Daily Photo Challenge – January 1-8

Well, hello, there 2023……looking forward to all the wonderful adventures and memories you are sure to bring to me! Yeah, I know – I can’t expect ALL good things…..every year has it’s ups and downs, but I just know there will be something great… Continue Reading “Daily Photo Challenge – January 1-8”

Daily Photo Challenge – December 21-31

In just a few hours from the time I’m writing this, 2022 will end and 2023 will begin! WOW! I saw a Meme on Facebook a while back that said something to the effect of: “It was a shock to realize that 20 years… Continue Reading “Daily Photo Challenge – December 21-31”