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Review – Temple Theatre Presents Guys and Dolls

The new Temple Theatre season has begun and the first show of the season – Guys and Dolls – provides that season opener “WOW” factor that the theatre has become known for!  Of course, you can never go wrong with a show at the Temple Theatre,… Continue Reading “Review – Temple Theatre Presents Guys and Dolls”

Temple Review – A Christmas Carole

I had the best time today!!!!  I had a really good morning at work and then the day moved from “good” to “great”!  My group at work and a few other special guests (17 of us) all went to lunch at Sabatino’s and then attended the Thursday… Continue Reading “Temple Review – A Christmas Carole”

Temple Theatre Review – Flaming Idiots

The current Temple Theatre show is Flaming Idiots – a rowdy comedy full of fun and energy!  I decided to invite a friend whose birthday was a couple of days before mine and make it a joint birthday celebration.  That turned out to be… Continue Reading “Temple Theatre Review – Flaming Idiots”

Find your joy and let it show…

The title of this post is not a phrase I came up with…..although I wish I had!  It is actually from a song that Jen Chapin wrote about her first son before he was born.  I have heard the song before and really like it a… Continue Reading “Find your joy and let it show…”

Chicago at Temple Theatre

“Lead with your biggest and best”…..”Go big or go home”… typically hear these when friends are sitting around a card table playing Euchre.  I used to play Euchre a lot.  Although I’m pretty rusty from not playing in many years because it isn’t as well-known here… Continue Reading “Chicago at Temple Theatre”

South Pacific at the Temple Theatre

The Temple Theatre is rounding out the 2009-10 season with Rodgers & Hammerstein’s classic musical South Pacific – running from April 29 – May 16.  I missed the opening weekend because I was out-of-town, so I decided to go Saturday night.  I arrived just… Continue Reading “South Pacific at the Temple Theatre”

Temple Theatre Review – Jason Petty’s El Paso

Attention all you country music lovers and anyone who loves music, in general:  Get your tickets to see Jason Petty’s El Paso at the Temple Theatre before it ends its run and you lose out on your chance to see an incredible show!  There… Continue Reading “Temple Theatre Review – Jason Petty’s El Paso”

Review – Stones In His Pockets

Last Friday evening, I went to see the latest production at the Temple Theatre – Stones in His Pockets, starring Michael Brocki and Derrick Ivey.  It is the story of the extras, crew, and main star in a movie being shot in Ireland.  The… Continue Reading “Review – Stones In His Pockets”

Life is back to normal

WHEW!  My life is back to normal – sorta – whatever “normal” means!  So, what do I do with my time, now?  Do I sit on my laurels and twiddle my thumbs while I enjoy some peace, quiet, and relaxation?  Um – NO!  I’m… Continue Reading “Life is back to normal”

101 Dalmatians at the Temple Theatre

This year’s Youth Conservatory at the Temple Theatre resulted in a wonderful performance of 101 Dalmatians.  I went to see one of the second session performances last night and had a great time and left with a sense of pride in each of the amazing… Continue Reading “101 Dalmatians at the Temple Theatre”