101 Dalmatians at the Temple Theatre

DalmatiansPosterThis year’s Youth Conservatory at the Temple Theatre resulted in a wonderful performance of 101 Dalmatians.  I went to see one of the second session performances last night and had a great time and left with a sense of pride in each of the amazing kids that made up the cast.  Sanford has an ample supply of budding young Tony award winners in our midst!

All I can say is that these kids were FANTASTIC!  The costumes that transformed children into dalmatians and other dog breeds were adorable.  The talent of each and every young person on stage was incredible.  And what exactly is it about a kick line that always brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye – especially when it includes a stage full of kids in dog costumes!  The show was well put together and thoroughly enjoyable.  To think they did all this in just a few short weeks is unbelievable – but true! 

Not to lessen the great job done by all, but I do have to say that the stand out performance of the evening was Temple Teens veteran Ravenne Escobar as Cruella DeVil.  Ravenne continues to amaze me every time I see her in a performance at the Temple Theatre or when she appears somewhere with the Temple Teens.  Her voice gives me goose bumps and she is a natural actress that could easily wow audiences on any Broadway stage!  This girl has an incredible amount of talent — I hope she continues on with it and we get to see a lot of her in Temple productions for years to come — at least until NY or Hollywood snatches her up and we get to say “we knew her when” as she accepts many awards on shows like the Oscars and the Tonys….

There is one more production of this delightful show today at 2:00!  Go see it – you’ll really have a great time!

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