Temple Theatre Review – Jason Petty’s El Paso

Attention all you country music lovers and anyone who loves music, in general:  Get your tickets to see Jason Petty’s El Paso at the Temple Theatre before it ends its run and you lose out on your chance to see an incredible show!  There are ony two weekends left, so time is running out!

This show was written, created, and performed by Jason Petty.  Petty was in Sanford for another show in 2007 – Hank and His Honky Tonk Heroes (click here for my review of that show).  After I saw that show, I was absolutely convinced that there was nothing that could even come close to topping it!  But, after today’s matinée performance at the Temple Theatre, I stand corrected!  I won’t go so far as to say El Paso topped Honky Tonk Heroes – afterall, the 2007 show was about Hank Williams and Hank will never be topped!  But, El Paso was truly amazing on its own and has no trouble standing side by side with Petty’s Hank Williams. 

For this show, Petty takes on the great Marty Robbins.  He brings life to Robbins classics like “A White Sport Coat (and a Pink Carnation)”, “El Paso”, “El Paso City”, “Devil Woman”, “My Woman, My Woman, My Wife”, and others.  He also puts the timing of Robbins’ career into context with songs from artists from the Singing Cowboys era and early Country and Western music that influenced Robbins as he grew up and developed his style.

I thought I knew a lot about Marty Robbins – I grew up on his music and have always enjoyed him.  But, I learned something new at this show.  Robbins was the writer of one of my top favorite Elvis Presley songs – “You Gave Me A Mountain”.  Robbins wrote the song, but never recorded it as a single.  Then, Elvis took it and made it a hit.  This song means a lot to me – not only is it one of my favorite Elvis songs, but it is also one that my dear friend David Whittier used to sing in his band, Defiance, before he died.  Hearing it today from a different view-point really touched my heart!  Quite a bit of the show brought tears to my eyes, but this song brought a river down my face!  And the river continued on with the final song, “My Woman, My Woman, My Wife”, which Robbins wrote for his wife of 37 years.

Another standout was the first song after the intermission.  Vocalist Carolyn Martin belted out “San Antonio Rose” and it was amazing!  Petty talked about a new show he is developing with Martin that they plan to start touring with in the Fall.  The first half will be Petty doing Hank Williams and the second half will be Martin doing Patsy Cline!  As I listened to “San Antonio Rose”, I imagined Martin doing a full set of Patsy Cline songs and I got chills!  If this show doesn’t come to Sanford, I think I’ll have to find out where I need to travel to see it!

And don’t let me forget to mention the band – complete with a steel guitar and a fiddle!  They do an incredible job, as well.

If you love Country Music or if you just enjoy a variety of music styles, you really should go see this show – it will fill your heart with joy!

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