Temple Theatre Review – Flaming Idiots

The current Temple Theatre show is Flaming Idiots – a rowdy comedy full of fun and energy!  I decided to invite a friend whose birthday was a couple of days before mine and make it a joint birthday celebration.  That turned out to be a great idea, because we both ended up really needing a good laugh……and we got just that — in fact, we got a BUNCH of good laughs!  We had a great time!

The show is about two disgruntled postal workers who quit their job to go into the restaurant business — with NO, ZERO, NADA restaurant experience or business sense, whatsoever!  When they realize that the business isn’t doing so well, they come up with the hair-brained scheme of staging a murder in the restaurant so that it could become as notorious as a very popular nearby restaurant that became famous because an infamous mobster was murdered there.  They end up being even WORSE at staging a murder than they are at running a restaurant!

The cast is extremely talented and have a good chemistry – their relationships, interactions, and timing makes the show!  I am always happy to see Michael Brocki in any production – this time he brings his charm to the character of Phil, one of the bumbling restauranteurs.  His child-like partner in crime, so to speak, is Stephen N. Moore as Carl.  Other characters include Ernesto – the elusive Mexican posing as a Norwegian to hide an ulterior motive, Eugene – the overly dramatic actor working as a waiter until he can be discovered, Jayne (played by Katie Deal – remember her in Dames at Sea?) – the marketing agent / restaurant critic / reporter who can’t seem to keep her skirt from being caught up in her waistband exposing her hind end to the pleasure of the male characters, Officer Task – the policeman who is even more of a buffoon than the restaurant owners (if that is even possible), and Louie – the elderly hitman with what appears to be a touch of dementia Phil and Carl hire to do the murder!

I deliberately left out one character in the list above.  The entire cast is great — talented, funny, and brings their own very special element to the show — if any one was missing, the show would have really suffered!  BUT – by far, my favorite character was Bernadette – hilariously played by Kristen Elizabeth McCabe!  Bernadette is a deaf-mute chef who uses gestures and facial expressions to communicate and does so brilliantly!!!!  She absolutely steals every scene she is in!

Flaming Idiots runs until November 7th – Thursdays at 2:00 and 7:00, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00, and Sundays at 2:00.  I highly recommend it — you’re in for a treat and a lot of laughs!

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