Lie To Me and other thoughts

Lie To Me – the Fox TV show – is interesting, infuriating, irritating, and intriguing all at the same time!  I love the concept and the story lines.  Watching how they determine if someone is lying by watching them in both every day situations and under pressure is so interesting.  I can’t stop watching it – even though I can not stand the main character!!!  Dr. Cal Lightman, played by Tim Roth, is the single most irritating person to watch in the entire world!  I have never seen him in any other role (not that I remember, anyway), so I don’t know if he is putting this all on for this one character or if he typically acts this way.  He just gives me the heebie jeebies (yes, that is a technical term)!  For instance:   he walks and stands like he’s about to pass out drunk – all the time – he weaves around and looks like a limp dish rag ready to slump into a pile on the floor.  And then there is the revolting facial expressions – when he is watching and talking to someone he curls his upper lip up like a dog that is snarling, furls his brow, and gets a disgusted look on his face that make him look like he is about to throw up.  And he always gets right up within an inch of the other person’s face – back off a little, for criminy sake!  He can’t sit like a normal adult human being in any chair, he always looks like a bum even in a suit, and he usually holds his head sideways to look at people – like that gives him a better advantage!  I just find him so irritating!  But……I can’t wait until next week’s episode – right after House – another odd character, but at least House is one I love to hate and doesn’t make my skin crawl!

Speaking of TV — at the beginning of the season, I wrote a post about the shows that I was most excited about – click here to read it.  So, what happened to the line up?

  • Of the new ones, only two became hits – Blue Bloods and The Defenders – both of which I am still faithfully watching every week! 
  • My favorite is Blue Bloods — I love tuning in to the Reagan family each week to see their closeness and their struggles.  I love that every week there is at least one scene where the entire family – 4 generations of Reagans – sit together around the table for a meal and discussion – even if it does sometimes get heated. 
  • The Defenders is good, too – definitely one I enjoy watching – love Jim Belushi!!!
  • Outlaw was on its last leg and has been banished to Saturday night – which I hope is a good move that might revitalize it!  I really enjoy that show and will be sad if it goes away.
  • Chase is still on, but I’ve heard that it may not last – I like it and watch it every week, but wouldn’t be lost if it doesn’t make it.
  • It looks like The Whole Truth is gone – I haven’t seen it on in a couple of weeks and a search on TV doesn’t bring up any scheduled episodes.  That was a good show – not great, but good.  I liked that it always ended with a scene that closed the loop and told the viewers the real truth — whether the guilty/not guilty verdict was the right one!
  • Lone Star is history – I never bothered to watch the one episode I had on my DVR, so I don’t know if I would have liked it or not.

My complaint about the networks is that they don’t give shows a chance to gain an audience — one week into the season and they are already talking about which ones they are going to cancel because they didn’t get the ratings out of the gate!  There are so many new and returning shows that you can’t watch them all the first week or two.  With the DVR, DVD, HULU, etc. available, people typically watch one the night it is aired and catch the others they are interested in later – doesn’t mean they aren’t getting watched and enjoyed!  Anyway — I hope Outlaw gets a shot in the arm from being moved to Saturday and hangs around – I like it!  If not, I’ll stick with Blue Bloods and The Defenders and a couple returning hits as my must see shows and flip around when they aren’t on to find something else that catches my eye.

Off the TV topic and on to my beautiful Katie! 

She hasn’t been feeling too good lately – kinda blah and sluggish!  She had an allergic reaction to something and we had to treat her with antibiotics and prednisone for that.  Then we found she has some gunk going on in her ears, so we’re doing drops and washes for that.  And during all that we found out she has a thyroid problem, so she’ll be on meds for that the rest of her life!  She’s on the brink of her senior years – she’ll be 7 in April – so she also has some joint pain, too!  Poor old girl – gotta get her straightened up so she can be her sweet, perky, friendly self again – SOON!

And now I’ve said all I have to say for this morning and I’m getting off this computer and getting on with my day….

2 Comments on “Lie To Me and other thoughts

  1. Next week’s Lie to Me was filmed in our church out here in CA! Pretty cool, huh? We can’t wait to watch it and see how it looks.

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