Just thinkin’

One possession I absolutely, truly enjoy more than anything is my car – my pony!  There is nothing in the world more relaxing, satisfying, and enjoyable than just cruising around with the top down and classic rock blaring on the radio.  I would be the happiest person in the world if every day was a top down day and I had at least a couple of hours each day to be out enjoying it in the pony!!!  I have always wanted a Mustang – loved them forever – I wouldn’t be surprised if the very first model that rolled out of Detroit turned my head even back then (although I don’t actually remember, since I was only 7 in April of 1964)!   

Even though they ranked top on my list of all time favorite cars, I never owned one – I had a couple Camaros, but never a Mustang!  Until April 2005 when I found the car of my dreams!  I had promised myself a little red convertible as a 50th birthday (mid-life crisis) gift, but when the new retro Mustangs came out in the fall of 2004, I was obsessed with them!  But – it had to be a convertible and Ford didn’t release the convertible version until the Spring of 2005 – 41 years after the first Mustang rolled off the production line (not sure if that was intentional, but an interesting fact all the same).  So — I got my “gift” a year and a half early. 

I went to great effort to find just the right one — it HAD to be a GT and it HAD to be a convertible and it HAD to be red…….and I didn’t really want to go through the hassle (and wait time) of ordering one!  So, I checked out Ford dealers on Sundays (never go to a dealership when they are open if you’re just lookin’….) and searched inventories on-line.  I found only ONE car that met all my requirements in the state of NC!!!  Really???  It was at Capital Ford.  So – I went there on a Sunday to check it out and see if it was everything I thought it would be…………and it wasn’t there!!!  They had several other colors – most V6 coupes, but not the one I wanted!  Was I too late?  Did someone else snatch it up already and their internet inventory just wasn’t updated, yet?  So, I sent an email to them to inquire about it.  A salesman called me on Monday and said they DID still have it, but the big boss had taken it for the weekend — What????  Oh well, OK – so, it will have a few more miles on it than I would like to see for a car that likely was hot off the truck from the factory!  I went to talk about it…….I HATE dealing with car salesman!!!!  But, I went prepared — I knew exactly what the Mustang cost, exactly what my Grand Am was worth, and exactly what I was willing to pay — and I didn’t let on for a second that I’d do almost anything to get that car!!!  I didn’t get the deal I wanted, so I walked away……but I didn’t get out of the parking lot before the salesman came out with an offer that was just slightly more than what I wanted and I took it!!!  I drove the pony home that same day — with the top down — all the way from Raleigh to Sanford — on a very cool April day!!!  And the rest is history!!!

So, with all that said, why am I suddenly inundated with thoughts about getting a different car?  SERIOUSLY???  Maybe it is because I have owned this car longer than any other car I’ve ever owned — she’ll be 6 years old in April and I’ve never owned a car more than 4 years (and usually less)!!!  I’m less than 100 miles from turning it over to 50,000 miles, ever had a minute’s trouble with it (well, except for that time the battery died when I was downtown having lunch and missed a 1:00 meeting with my boss, but a tow, a new battery, and an apology later, all was fine), and am still head over heels in love with it!  Why am I even considering another car — it is like cheating on your spouse, even if just mentally!!!  What is wrong with me???

The thoughts I keep having are about those new modernized station wagons!  Yeah – what a leap from a muscle car to a station wagon – isn’t that like a “Mom” car?  What do I need with a “Mom” car?  But, I just like the looks of them — they aren’t an SUV or even a mini-SUV, but they have some of the qualities of an SUV.  My rationale is that I’d have more room for the girls to ride around with me and travel with me, my Mom would be more comfortable riding in it when she visits (and if I ever succeed in getting her to come live with me), and there’s room to haul stuff!  But — is all that REALLY worth not having the pony to enjoy? 

Then, I start to rationalize having TWO cars — keep the pony (after all, there are no payments associated with it) to use for pleasure AND get a used version of the other to use when I need the other things that one can provide me!!!  But, do I really want to get back into having a car payment after all this time without one???  And I’d have to pay for TWO registrations and TWO insurance policies and fill TWO gas tanks and……….!!!!  Is it all worth it???

I am really hoping that putting my thoughts down here finally gets them out of my brain and helps me move on…….I am NOT parting with my precious pony, so why keep teasing myself with other options — it is done — end of story!!!  Right???  Right!!!  OK……let’s get on with the day and stop these crazy thoughts!

One Comment on “Just thinkin’

  1. What kind of “sport wagon” are you interested in? They are enticing. I keep having to talk myself out of a minivan or hybrid suv. Fuel costs have me sticking with the Vibe.

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