Movie Review – Morning Glory

Saturday was an amazing day – weather-wise.  It was pleasantly warm with a gorgeous, clear sky.  It set the mood for a lovely day – one that I enjoyed thoroughly!  I did some things around the house and played with the girls in the morning, went to see a matinée, and got my groceries.  I managed to be semi-productive and do it in a totally easy-going sort of way.  I drank in the day and it was perfect!

One thing that made the day so enjoyable was deciding to see Morning Glory during my matinée outing.  It was one of three choices that I debated about while puttering around the house in the morning.  The choices were all very different in nature – Morning Glory, Red, and Unstoppable – so, I had to be sure I picked the right one to support my mood and how I wanted to feel for the rest of the day.  I wanted it to be a relaxed, stress-free day, so the tense Unstoppable was crossed off the mental list.  I wanted to laugh and feel good all day – both of the remaining two would have made me laugh, but I decided a romantic comedy would fit the total bill better than an action comedy…….so, Morning Glory it was!  I still want to see the other two, but another day.

The cast – can’t go wrong with Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton, and Rachel McAdams at the helm!  I adore Harrison Ford – a wonderful, well-rounded actor who can do adventure, comedy, and drama with equal ease.  Diane Keaton is definitely more than a “little” quirky, but I love what she does with the characters she portrays.  Rachel McAdams is an actress who brings funny and delightful to life.  And then there is Jeff Goldblum – another quirky actor who always makes even the smallest role stand out – and the yummy Patick Wilson – enough said – in supporting roles that add much more than “support” to the success of the film! 

The plot – Becky Fuller (McAdams), a perky, energetic, workaholic TV producer, is fired from a small local morning show in the beginning of the movie.  She sends out resumes, revised resumes, and updated revised resumes to all the networks and local stations around the NYC/NJ area and hounds them with follow-up calls until Jerry Barnes (Goldblum) of national network IBS calls her to fill the Executive Producer position for Day Break – their morning show that is fourth in the ratings and on the brink of cancellation.  Becky is charged with revitalizing the ratings or the network execs will pull the plug on the show.  She soon finds out that it isn’t going to be an easy task.  On her first day, she fires the male co-host – a diva with a foot-fetish that refuses to attend the morning staff meetings or do anything that makes him get up out of the desk chair on the show.  Colleen Peck (Keaton) is the female co-host – a former beauty pageant queen with an attitude.  There is NO budget for the show and everything and everyone is unraveling.  In her search for a new co-host, she discovers that Mike Pomeroy (Ford) is under contract with the network, but not utilized – the multi-award winning news anchor has been banished from nightly news and is essentially just being paid out his contract because he, as another producer (Wilson) at the network describes him, is “the third worst person in the world”!  She excitedly offers the co-host job to him while reminding him that his contract stipulates that if an offer is extended that he refuses, the network can drop his contract and not continue paying the multi-million dollar balance.  Of course, he reluctantly accepts the offer, but makes it abundantly clear to everyone that he feels it is FAR beneath him by only doing what is absolutely necessary and being totally uncooperative, grumpy, and disagreeable.  As a side note, Becky starts a relationship with dreamy producer Adam Bennett (Wilson), but is far too busy saving her job, the show, her reputation, and her self-esteem to focus on the relationship, so it too, starts to fall apart.

The movie is funny, light, and delightful.  The characters are fun and mesh well together.  The story is interesting and enjoyable.  Put it all together and you have a winner!  The only part that didn’t quite set right with me was Harrison Ford’s deep, raspy, Clint Eastwood-ish voice – I enjoyed his gruff, grisly character, but I thought the voice was a little much.  I’m not sure if his voice is actually getting that raspy (possible) or if he was putting it on, but I was a little put off by it.  Not so much that it took away from the character or the movie – just enough that it was unpleasantly noticeable.

Overall, I loved it!  I give it an A- and highly recommend it for anyone looking for an enjoyable couple of hours.

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