Today’s “Ha-Ha” Moment

Today’s “Ha-Ha” moment comes courtesy of the sweet Miss Amy – one of my three adorable four-legged babies.  Amy managed to totally fool me and do it with that irresistible wide-eyed innocent look she seems to always have – regardless of how technically guilty she may be!

The moment happened while we were going through our morning rituals and routine before I had to leave for work.  I was running behind schedule and steadily multi-tasking my way through the things that had to be done.  The girls had already been out once.  When it was time to come in for their breakfast, Megan and Katie were waiting at the door and pranced right in.  Amy was nowhere in sight – after calling her name a few times, she finally meandered out of where she was hiding in the bushes where something obviously commanded her undivided attention.  Their usual second trip outside lasted longer than usual so I had time to catch up and finish getting ready for work. 

When I went to let them in so I could head out to work, Megan and Katie were, again waiting at the door and pranced right on in!  Amy, again, was MIA!  Figuring that whatever had her attention earlier had piqued her interest again, I went out on the deck to look around the yard.  I called her a few times and told her I was leaving — no response and she was nowhere in sight.  I turned to go in and put on a pair of shoes to go out in the yard and see what the bushes had that was so captivating.  What I saw when I turned around cracked me up!!!  There were all three girls – yes, including the “missing” Amy – all inside the screen door sitting side-by-side quietly looking out at me!  She obviously snuck in with the other two and I didn’t notice!  And she didn’t say a word….not a whimper….not a whine….not a bark….nothing to respond to my efforts of calling her name and let me know she was already inside!  I am absolutely convinced they were sitting there laughing at me…….hehehehe

I went in and they all jumped around greeting me — I looked at Amy and said, “you little sneaky devil, you!”  She very coyly looked up at me with innocence and sweetness pouring out of her like syrup from a maple tree! 

It made my day and gave me something to smile about for hours!

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