What’s in a birthday and other revelations…

I turned 54 yesterday……REALLY???  When, exactly, did that happen and what, exactly, does that mean, anyway?  I certainly hope it doesn’t mean I am supposed to go shop for one of those little old lady rocking chairs and start doing little old lady things (whatever it is that little old ladies do).  I also hope it doesn’t mean that I should avoid talking about my age or celebrating birthdays.   Cause I really love birthdays — I always have!!!  And this one was no exception!  Yeah, I’ve lived more than 1/2 a century – so far – and, yeah, my bones and joints can attest to that fact.  But, I’m not afraid or ashamed to admit it!  Afterall, I don’t {think} I look my age and I don’t {usually} act my age, so it’s only a number, right?  So, what’s in a birthday?  It is just a day on the calendar that marks how many years you’ve been on this earth.  Just a day among many.  I think more about what I have done with and in that life span than how many years it took me to do it!  The fact that it has flown by so quickly is, I hope, a testament to how jam-packed it was and how much fun it has been – even though it has been dotted with some sadness, disappointment, and difficult situations……it has flown by because it has been mostly a life I can feel proud of and look back on with pure joy, love, and laughter!  I’m glad to be here and hope I’m only somewhere just barely past middle age……cause I have a LOT more to do!

So, how did I spend my birthday this year?  I went in to work for a short time in the morning.  Then, I went to get some groceries and cruised around town a little with the top down on the pony – it was an exquisite day!  I played with the girls a lot.  Then, I went to see a movie and had dinner at La Dolce Vita with a dear friend – and more cruising around with the top down.  Talked to my Mom and family/friends who called to wish me well.  And then there was Facebook —- it is funny how receiving a ton of wall posts with birthday wishes can add that special little something to your already special day!  In summary, a quiet day doing things I enjoy doing with people (and pups) I enjoy being with…….it was a totally enjoyable day!  Not all that different from most weekend days, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

The title indicates I may have some other revelations to share — well, of course I do!

The World Series is about to start and my Yankees won’t be there!  Boo Hoo!  But, that’s OK!  They played a hell of a season and made it to the playoffs!  They are still the best team in the league and have made it to and won the World Series more than any other team – EVER!  They are still the Yankees!  AND – even though they won’t play in the series this year, they are still this year’s second best team in the American League!  I know, it isn’t supposed to be good to be second best!  But, there were only TWO teams that were good enough to be in the playoffs and there could only be ONE team good enough to go to the series.  That’s saying something!!!! 

Now, as for the Texas Rangers……whenever the Yankees don’t make it to the series (as rare as that occurence is), I always root for whoever goes from the American League.  I just wanna see an AL winner at the end of every baseball season!  But, this year is different!  I’m actually {secretly} excited about the AL team that made it this year!  The Rangers have never made it to the series – they made it to the playoffs before, but never all the way to the big games!  If the Yankees had to give up their spot to anyone, I’m glad it is the Rangers.  I wish them luck and will root enthusiastically for them to win it all!!!  If they keep playing the way they did in the playoffs, the Giants won’t have a chance against them!  (oh, by the way…..Dear Rangers:  Once you get this exciting win under your belts, don’t think I’ll ever be happy if you try to beat out my Yankees for that spot in the series again!)

Election day is next week………..I can not WAIT until it is over!!!  I’ve never liked the “politics” of politics, but in the past few years, I have gotten more and more frustrated and disgusted with it all.  If I get one more political call interrupt my peaceful evening or left on my answering machine, I will SCREAM!!!  It’d be different if they would tell me what they plan to do for me AND how they plan to do it…….but, all they do is tell me what they think their opponent WON’T do for me or just communicate a vague concept that they think proves to me they have my best interests at heart!  I’m not buying it — any of it!  I just want to be able to find out which candidate will support the things that I believe are important!  And, unfortunately, the “politics” of politics makes that so much more difficult every year!!!

And, I’ll leave you with a quote that I absolutley LOVE — it is a sarcastic view of a pet peeve of mine — voting a straight ticket!  Research, think for yourself, and vote for the candidate who best represents what is important to you – not just because they are backed by a particular party!

“I always voted at my party’s call, and I never thought of thinking for myself at all.”  William Gilbert

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