Charmin of Choice

Toilet tissue is a very personal product – not only because of the reason you use it, but also because people have very personal opinions about brands, types, etc.  This past week, I purchased a large package of Scott toilet tissue instead of the usual Charmin.  I had a coupon for it and, even though I tried other brands in the past and always came back to Charmin, I decided to go with the price break. 

Scott is a good product — a little less soft than Charmin, but not that noticable and not uncomfortable.  It definitely does the job and holds up to the demands of the task – so to speak.  So, you’d think I found a nice alternative to Charmin.  Right?

Wrong……there is one thing that drives me nuts about it and is the sole reason I likely won’t purchase it again.  It doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not it works or if I like the product itself.  Actually, it is OCD related……it doesn’t tear on the perforation!!!  There, I said it!  I have a thing for balance and evenness!  When the tissue doesn’t tear on the perforation, it leaves a jagged edge on the roll that eats at me unmercifully, driving me to the very edge of insanity.  I am driven to tear the jagged piece off and sometimes it takes multiple attempts, not only wasting the tissue, but also wasting my time and causing EXTREME anxiety and stress!!!  Uugghh!!! (OK, so I like to exaggerate to create drama – it is called writer’s prerogative or poetic license or something like that)

Moral of the story?  Lots of things factor in to the personal opinions that make up our preferences for products…….sometimes it is the product itself and sometimes it is the perception of performance and sometimes it is just a nit-picky little annoyance! 

One Comment on “Charmin of Choice

  1. When ed and I got married, we made a deal that no matter where else we had to cut to save money, we would never scrimp on tp! We love our charmin!

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