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Memories of my first trip to NYC

When I say I am from New York, most people immediately think that I mean I am from New York City. When I first moved to Sanford in June of 1985, I soon learned to say “upstate NY”, not just NY. I actually lived… Continue Reading “Memories of my first trip to NYC”

Flip Flop

Or — Trading Spaces I’m getting dizzy watching the Yankees and the Orioles flip flopping around and fighting for the bottom spot on the standings board………if the Orioles really want the bottom spot, I think the Yanks should just let them have it!!! ha-ha-ha… Continue Reading “Flip Flop”

Yanks on the move…

Just an FYI for anyone interested: The Yankees have swapped places with Baltimore on the Standings Board!!! Yep – that’s right – the incredible NY Yankees are no longer in last place! They have slipped up one rung in the standings to put the… Continue Reading “Yanks on the move…”

Saturday Ponderings

Youth Leadership applications are being accepted by Communities In Schools and the Sanford Area Chamber of Commerce. This is a GREAT program to help rising Juniors and rising Seniors learn about our community, government, industry, businesses, non-profit organizations, and leadership skills through participation in… Continue Reading “Saturday Ponderings”

Let’s Go Yankees, Let’s Go!

If you’ve read this blog for a while or if you know me personally, you know I’m a baseball fan – specifically a NY Yankee fan! I know – I’m living in the wrong part of the world for that — I don’t care… Continue Reading “Let’s Go Yankees, Let’s Go!”

There’s always next year….

Congratulations to the Cleveland Indians – great series! The Yanks gave a good fight, but didn’t quite make it! But, they’ll be back with a vengence next year! Good luck to whichever AL team makes it to the World Series…..

OT Excitement!!!

WOW – what a game!!! Yanks – Indians went 11 innings!!! Sadly, the last winning run was by the Tribe, but it sure was a wild game!!! The post season really gets started Sunday, though — the next game is Sunday at the “House… Continue Reading “OT Excitement!!!”

Too Funny….Yanks Decline The Wild Card?????

OK — I admit New Yorkers have a reputation for being arrogant, but this takes the cake!!!! Man, this is really hysterical…….I laughed so hard I could hardly breathe!!!! Whether you love or hate the Yankees, you’ll get a kick out of this!!!! I… Continue Reading “Too Funny….Yanks Decline The Wild Card?????”

Well, whadda you know????

Well, I’ll be darned — My coveted NY Yankees got a “thumbs up” on the Opinion page (pg A6) of the Sanford Herald this morning!!!!! Hard to avoid recognizing GREATNESS, isn’t it……he-he-he (scan down and see my earlier post about the Yanks….)


Yes, I’m a Yankee fan — I’m not really into sports (boy, did I move to the wrong town….), but do love a good baseball game and eagerly cheer on the Yankees! They are 2 games down right now, but I know they can… Continue Reading “NY YANKEES”