French Toast and more stuff to talk about….

I made French Toast for breakfast this morning and did it ever hit the spot!!!! I like to make it with Barbecue Bread – it is thick, dense, and soft – perfect for French Toast! I also like to use the Texas Toast bread, but like the Barbecue Bread better! I put lots of cinnamon on it, a dab of real butter, and Aunt Jemima Butter Rich syrup – warmed up! YUM!!!

I’m so excited this morning — I see in the Herald that the Yankees beat the Red Sox and the win put them just 2 games away from taking over the second place spot!!! I am disappointed that I missed seeing the game!!! I take pride in saying “I told you so” and “you heard it here first” — like I said in a post when they were struggling at the beginning of the season, they are truly the come back kings!!!!

If you haven’t read Billy Liggett’s editorial on page A6 of today’s Herald, go read it!!! But, have a box or two of tissues available – you’ll need them!!! His topic today was a wonderful letter from a man named Brad Miller who was on the scene of the accident that killed Barry Butzer. I won’t go into any details here so that I don’t ruin the experience of reading it for yourself! Suffice it to say that it is touching and should touch everyone deeply — it sure did me!!!!

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