Get Rid of the Pig!!!

OK, I get the whole freedom of speech thing and I’m all for it!!! But – where is our right to good taste, pleasing scenery, and safety?

I’m talking about that total eye sore humongous pink pig on Horner Blvd!!! I was happy to see they made them move it from where it was first located cause it violated a code for the way it was positioned. But, they just put it on a trailer and moved it to one of the busiest sections of Horner Blvd – now, apparently it meets code because it is on wheels and movable!

My issues with it are this:

  • It is an ugly, in your face, eye sore in an area that already needs some serious beautification efforts – this adds to the problem!
  • After the first few days, it lost its novelty factor and is now just something that is trashing the scenery along Horner Blvd.
  • You can’t read their message, anyway, unless you take your eyes off the road for much longer than you should on a busy street! I have no idea what the pig says cause a quick glance wasn’t enough time to read it and I won’t sacrifice safety to get their message!
  • Which brings me to my concern with safety – I witnessed a near accident at least twice since its been there where someone was gawking at the pig and almost rear ended the car in front of them!!! In one case, I believe if I hadn’t tooted at them, they might have plowed right into the back of the poor guy in front of them! Will it take an actual accident to get them to realize they aren’t creating a positive marketing opportunity? Or don’t they care about the safety of their fellow man? Maybe all they care about is the novelty of finding a freaky way to advertise!!!

I have no issue with their right to make a point – whatever that may be!

MY point is — its ugly, it doesn’t paint a pleasant picture of the people responsible, and it should be replaced with a more appropriate sign to get their message across — it might even be more effective advertising!!! And, don’t think “gee, must be working cause we have people talking about it” — its not a good reflection of what they want to accomplish! I think it is a ridiculous display of “we don’t care about making your city better, we only care about our message regardless of the consequences to public safety and city beautification efforts”!!!

Get rid of it!!!!

OK – I put my soap box back in the closet for now!

3 Comments on “Get Rid of the Pig!!!

  1. Amen!!! I totally agree with you. I don’t have a clue what it’s even about because I can’t read the dumb thing.

  2. I think Randy has said that the AFP pig will be around until politicians stop going “hogwild” with our taxes.

    He was more than happy to house it thanks to our city shutting down his sign years ago.

    As long as it is trailered to his truck, the pig is classified as a permanent Sanford resident.

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