Live At 9, CIS Stuff The Bus, and More….

Did anyone see Live at 9 tonight? Go ahead, it is OK to admit you watch it — I do — it is a good local talk show. Wayne Staton has been really good to Communities In Schools over the years and graciously invites us to be one of his guests whenever he knows we have something big to talk about. Well, tonight Lauren Lowry (CIS Program Coordinator) and I were on the second half of the show and talked about our School Stuff Campaign this coming weekend and our upcoming Gala! The show went very well and we are grateful for Wayne’s support!

Speaking of the School Stuff Campaign……This weekend is the Tax Free Weekend and Communities In Schools will hold our annual School Stuff Campaign. What is this? Glad you asked……Office Max is working with CIS as the sponsor of this event. This weekend, Office Max is putting all their school supplies on sale – BIG sale – and they have brought in additional stock from a Raleigh store so that parents can buy their kid’s back to school supplies at great prices with NO tax added!!!! Imagine how happy your kids will be to get that nice new back pack, pack of pencils, and box of crayons!!! Then, imagine all the kids who’s parents can’t afford to buy them the supplies they need to start the school year. Imagine their embarrassment and lack of feeling like they “belong”. YOU CAN HELP!!! And it won’t cost you much at all —- while you are out picking up school supplies for your own kids (or for yourself), pick up a couple extra items to donate to the School Stuff Campaign. As sponsor, Office Max will have a Lee County school bus parked in the parking lot for generous shoppers to “STUFF” with school supplies! Local Girl Scouts will be there to help you stuff that bus! We will also have donation barrels and volunteers at WalMart and KMart – look for the Communities In Schools signs and barrels! OR – wherever you buy your schools supplies from – bring a few extra by any of the three locations and drop them off!!! All donations are sorted out and given to counselors at all the Lee County Schools to be made available for Lee County children who need supplies! All donations stay in Lee County!!! The campaign is from 9:00-6:00 on Saturday and from 1:00-5:00 on Sunday and, again, the locations are Office Max, WalMart, and KMart! Come out and support this great event!!! Also – this is the second year in a row that Office Max sponsored this event — their support by paying for the advertising, promoting the event at their store, and allowing us to park the bus at their store is greatly appreciated!!!

SPREAD THE WORD — we really want that bus stuffed to the rafters this weekend!!!

Other CIS news:

Our Executive Director, Alison Poole, had her baby this past Friday morning!!! Baby Aiden Poole arrived about 8:00 am and weighed in at a little over 8 pounds! Alison will be leaving CIS in the fall when she takes an exciting job at Lee County High School……we wish Alison the best of luck with her new baby and new job!

We are actively interviewing for two positions at CIS – Executive Director and Program Coordinator.

We are also busy working on plans for our 3rd Annual Gala Benefiting Children to be held on October 10th at the beautiful home of Mark and Ruth Stewart. Pentair Water Pool and Spa is our major sponsor for the second year in a row! Live entertainment will be provided by Jackie Gore Entertainment Group (formerly of The Embers). On of the most popular features of the gala each year is our “Taste of Lee County” with samples of signature dishes from many of our wonderful local chefs — so far, we have confirmed Amy’s Confection Company, Bella Bistro, Cafe 121, Chef Paul, El Rancho, Fresh Choice Cafe, and Smith’s Mountain Bottled Water. We also have a FABULOUS silent auction – the local businesses out-do themselves with great items for our guests to bid on! The income from the gala represents 50% of our annual operating budget, so it is an important fund raiser for us each year! Tickets are $100 each. Sponsorships range from $250 – $5000. Of course, any size donation is always welcome! If you are a Lee County restaurant and want to participate, if you want to reserve a ticket, or if you want to be a sponsor, please call the office at 919-718-5426 or you can leave a comment here with info on how I can reach you!

We are always looking for volunteers, too — you can volunteer to help in a wide variety of ways! Mentor or tutor a child, participate in our Careers At Lunch programs where you can speak to students in the high schools about your career during their lunch period, help out in the Teacher Resource Room, help out in the office, help us with our web site, proctor a test, assist a teacher in their classroom, or provide a variety of services that the schools may need.

Speaking of the Teacher Resource Room — this is a great program! Communities In Schools has a trailer located at Lee County High School that is FULL of great stuff that teachers can get free of charge to help them in their classrooms. Local businesses, industry, and individuals donate slightly used items that can be used to help teachers avoid paying for some of the things they need out of their own pockets. Things like slightly used file folders, binders, office furniture or equipment, scrap items that can be used for projects (carpet scraps, empty paper towel rolls, cloth, yarn, wall paper, etc – you name it, they can use it), little trinkets the teachers can give to students for incentives (stickers are extremely popular). You wouldn’t believe how creative and resourceful teachers can be with things that someone else might have thrown out, but are still usable!!! If you’re cleaning out that attic or switching out your files and want to donate to the Teacher Resource Room, call the office at 919-718-5426.

OK – I’ve plugged CIS enough for now —- but, you’ll hear a lot more about this as we get closer to the Gala!!!

Don’t forget this weekend’s School Stuff Campaign at Office Max, WalMart, or KMart!!!

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