Old Home Night at Myra’s Kitchen

Man, it is getting more and more likely that I will run into someone I know if I pop in to Myra’s Kitchen on Colon Road for dinner – it is getting so popular!!! Well, tonight was the night to beat all nights!!!

I went to Myra’s a little later than I usually do so that I could just take my time and try to talk to her when things started to settle down for the night. I wanted to talk to her about participating in Communities In Schools’ upcoming Gala (more on that later)! I sat just inside the entrance door and “people watched”. Some ladies I know from when I used to be a BPW member were already there. Then, after a while, Amy Burns and her family came in (note to fellow Sanford bloggers — she was celebrating her BIRTHDAY – it was Tuesday!!!!)! Then I was surprised to see a friend from work and his wife, who I have not seen in AGES, and their 8 year old daughter, who was a BABY the last time I saw her!!!!

Aside from the friendly “hellos” when they arrived, I sat there and ate my dinner and let them all eat theirs (the meatloaf tonight was to die for!!!)! I spoke with Myra about the Gala and she gave me a verbal “YES, count us in”!!! YIPPEE!!!! I’m so glad she’s going to be part of our “Taste of Lee County” this year!!!

Then, I paid my bill and made my rounds to say goodbye to everyone! Each table I stopped at I ended up having a very nice conversation! I really enjoyed talking to Amy — I don’t typically see her outside dealings with her as “Amy’s Confection Company”, but hope to rectify that!!! She’s such a great person and so much fun!!! Next table stop was the ladies from BPW — I haven’t seen them since I decided to resign from BPW and miss seeing them a LOT!!!! Then, I actually sat down with the friend from work and his family so that I could catch up with the wife — she also used to work with us, but took another job in Raleigh quite some time ago. So, we had a LOT to talk about and catch up on! Their daughter is a precious 8 year old – going on 30 year old!!! She’s a HOOT!!!

So — I had the BEST time tonight and got a new restaurant to add to our “Taste of Lee County” feature at the Gala in October!!! WOO HOO!!!!

2 Comments on “Old Home Night at Myra’s Kitchen

  1. We have eaten there once a week since the first time we went and I have been amazed that I have NEVER seen you or Amy there!

  2. Kim — It was so great running into you in Myra’s — and getting to share a little part of my birthday with everyone in Myra’s!! Those girls are great!

    Maybe this week we will run into Emily!

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