I LOVE OCTOBER!!!!  I look forward to it every year…..it is, hands down, my favorite month.  Yes, there are other months that I find almost as enjoyable – April, because it is a sign of renewal and spring time – December, because of Christmas and all the decorations and holiday activities – just to name the top two after the perfect month.  October just seems full of joy and beauty and starts to cool down, but not too cold (great sweater weather) – it is THE perfect month! 


 Of course, the first and most obvious reason I love October is because it is the month in which I was born!  This year, the 24th day of October will mark my 54th year of enjoying life and all it has to offer.  But, I think I would love October even if it wasn’t my birth month.  Since it is, however, I take full advantage of the wonders that come with being an October girl.  


  • PINK is the official color of October……I may not go so far as to make pink my signature color, like Shelby in the movie “Steel Magnolias” – remember her addiction to blush and bashful, the two perfect shades of pink!  But, I do like pink a lot. 
  • The semi precious birthstone for October is pink tourmaline.  It is a pretty pink stone, but I prefer the precious birthstone in the next bullet.


  • OPAL is the official birthstone for October……I love opals so much!  They are a brilliant display of color and fire and light up my face whenever I see one.  Some say opals can predict illness and some say they have healing powers.  Legend has it that it is bad luck to wear an opal if it is not your birthstone and good luck to wear them if it is your birthstone.  All I know is that they make me happy!


  • Calendula is the official flower of October…….this flower looks very much like a daisy, which is the happiest flower – a great flower to be the one representing the happiest month of the year!!!

Other family reasons to love October: 

  • My grandparents were married on October 14th.
  • All three of their grandchildren were born in October – my cousin on the 2nd, my brother on the 7th, and me on the 24th.
  • My ex-sister-in-law’s birthday is the 17th.


I know that autumn officially starts in September, but October is really the month that kicks it all off and when autumn is at the height of beauty.  I grew up in the north-east, where the change of seasons is so much more pronounced and celebrated than it is here in the south.  North Carolina does have a change in seasons and autumn is quite lovely, but it in no way compares to October in the north-east.  I so miss the gorgeous colors, the sound of rustling leaves underfoot, the smell of burning leaves in yards around the neighborhood, and the joy that all those things bring. 


The rest of October’s nature (beyond the beautiful leaves) is wonderful, too — pumpkins, squash, apples, corn, mums, indian corn, gourds, and more! 


And, of course, you can’t forget that October kicks off the holiday season……yeah, I know, most people think that Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season, but you can’t leave my second favorite holiday out of that picture — HALLOWEEN!!!  Ghosts and witches and gobblins and things that go bump in the night!

Then, there is baseball…….October is a big month for baseball – the playoffs and the World Series – when I think of October, I think of the NY Yankees!  Perfect combination! 

October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month……go pink and save the boobies – big or small, save them all!!!

 So, October is jam-packed full of wonderful things — and, did I remember to mention that my birthday is in October????? 


Happy October, everybody —- enjoy it!!!


3 Comments on “October

  1. Me too, Kim! I love October and agree about fall in NY. I am always the most homesick in the fall. Fall food is so cozy, too! Happy birthday!!!

  2. October is definitely the best month! I am an opal lover, too. Prettiest stone and I love that it’s my birthstone!

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