Brain Dump!

I think I’m up for a good ole “Brain Dump”… lots rattling around in my head and just might need to purge to make room for more interesting things to think about!  I’m one of those creative types, so I have an overactive imagination and thought process…, sometimes I just get so much going on in my mind that I think my brain is going to explode!  hahaha  How’s that for a nice mental picture as a framework for this post????

OK – so, first up – TV!

I’m really excited about the new fall line up on network TV.  This is the first time in several years that I’ve actually thought this was a possibility, let alone believed it!!!  But, it’s true.  From what I’ve seen of the shows that peaked my interest, so far, I think I’ll be working my DVR to death and spending a lot of time watching TV!  That can be good and bad news………

So, what ones have me all worked up?

  • Grey’s Anatomy – old show, new season – I’ve gotten totally hooked on this show and am really looking forward to the new season.  I was a little disappointed by the season opener, but recognize that they had a lot to catch people up on and I thought they did do that well.
  • Dancing With The Stars – again, old show, new season – the last two seasons seemed a little blah to me!  I lost interest and thought maybe the show had run its course.  But, I’m really into this season, so far.  The majority of the stars came out with the gloves off and really made a good showing on the first two weeks of the competition.  I was really happy to see that the one that really deserved to go home the first week did go home – David Hasslehoff.  Usually, the ones who need to go are kept alive by fan votes far too long.  I only hope that this trend continues with Michael Bolton going home tonight……we’ll see!
  • House – the last of the returning shows on my list!  I missed the season opener – I need to look it up on Hulu!  But, remembered to set up a series recording on my DVR and saw last night’s episode.  I’m not sure what I think of House and Cuddy finally hooking up, but we’ll see where they take it.  In past series that had lots of sexual tension between characters and then they hook up, the result is usually the end of the show because it is the end of the “fun” in watching them dance around it……case in point:  Who’s The Boss, Moonlighting, The Nanny, and others!
  • Outlaw – LOVE Jimmy Smits and am soooooooo happy he’s back on TV!  I also love law based shows, so this is likely to continue to appeal to me!
  • Blue Bloods – the main attraction:  Donnie Wahlberg – enough said!!!  And, I find it interesting to follow a family of NYC cops.  I’m betting this one will not fade out of my top favs.
  • The Defenders – nice mix of comedy and drama – another law based show – Jim Belushi……winning combination, for sure!
  • The Whole Truth – the first show was good, but I’m not sure, yet, if it will endure for me!  But, it is keeping with the law based theme!
  • Chase – this is about US Marshalls hunting down dangerous criminals.  The first show was good and I think it has high potential.
  • Lone Star – I haven’t actually seen this show, yet – it is on my DVR, though.  It is about a texas based con man, but other than that, I’m not sure what it’s about.  I like the previews for it, but since I just read earlier today that low ratings has resulted in it being the first official cancellation of the season, I’m not sure why I am even mentioning it here!!!!  But – it got me excited, so I’m listing it!

I’m reading a book that I’ve really been enjoying — Tim Gunn’s Golden Rules!  I love Tim Gunn and Project Runway and anything else he is on.  He’s such a character and the things he says are a hoot!!!  This book is all about etiquette and what is acceptable in proper society.  He dishes on celebrities, Project Runway contestants, and family/friends to make his points – for the good and bad!  It has really been fun to read!!!

Speaking of books……I found a free app for my iPhone – iBooks!!!  That is where I got Tim Gunn’s book.  It is great — I can buy a book, read it, and either keep it for future reference or delete it (but it still is accessible, if I want it again later).  I don’t have to have the actual book lying around taking up space!  And — it goes with me everywhere — like I really needed another reason to have use my iPhone!  So, if you see me out somewhere gazing into my iPhone, I may be reading emails or text messages or checking my FB status or checking out the news, but then again, I just may be reading a good book!!!

I am going to walk in the Alzheimer’s Walk this weekend.  I’m really excited about participating in this event!  It upsets me so much to think of all the people who are robbed of one of our most precious gifts – our memories!!!  I just can not imagine it!  My Great Aunt Betty suffered from strokes and a form of this horrible disease.  I wasn’t able to see her in her last few years, but kept in touch.  It was heart breaking to know that she was so lost and I was deeply saddened by what her children, my cousins, were going through.  She was always one of the sources I would seek out for stories of my family and our history.  I don’t know if my bad knee will allow me to walk the entire route, but I’m gonna give it one hell of a try — for her!!! 

Movies I’m looking forward to seeing soon:

  • Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps
  • You Again
  • Secretariat
  • Life As We Know It
  • Red

And there are some others that I’ve seen in previews at the theater, but don’t remember what they were…….I’ll remember them when I see them again, though!

Hhhhmmm — doesn’t sound like much now that I’ve written it all down, but that’s about all I have for now…….and DWTS is about to come on with the results from last night’s dances!  So, I’m done with my ranting

One Comment on “Brain Dump!

  1. I meant to watching Raising Hope, but forgot and now I’m not sure I want to add it to the list. Your choices look good!

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