And they’re off…..DWTS 11

OK….so, here’s my opinion about tonight’s DWTS season 11 premier!  I got bored with the show last season, but ended up watching it in the last few weeks.  But, this season, I think I just might stay interested.  For the most part, everyone did pretty good for the first week out of the gate.  Some did REALLY well, some were surprising, and a few don’t hold much promise.  These are my thoughts…………spoilers coming………..if you haven’t watched your DVR, yet, you might want to wait until after you do to read my opinions!

Standouts – all did an amazing job and show the most promise, so far:

Kyle Massey
Jennifer Grey

Most Awkward – all were stiff, nervous, and least likely to stay long:

Bristol Palin
Michael Bolton
David Hasselhoff

You’re Kidding, Right? – made too much of a mockery of it and it did NOT pay off for her:

Margaret Cho

Biggest Surprise – I was completely shocked how good he did:

Kyle Massey

Still Got It – at 76 years old, she’s still got some moves and some pretty amazing gams for an old broad – she likely won’t get into the finale, but she’ll surely do well for a good portion of the season:

Florence Henderson

I Totally Disagree w/ the Judges

# 1 – he had only one week to practice (much less than all the others) and he STILL did a LOT better than Michael and David – he didn’t deserve to be in a 3 way tie for last place with 15 points:

The Situation

# 2 – not at all sure how he got more than the minimum 15 points:

Michael Bolton

My Favorite – from her emotional rehearsal video to the selection of a song from Dirty Dancing to what I thought was the top performance (and the judges agreed) – I had tears pouring down my cheeks the whole time:

Jennifer Grey

My guess for the first to go home BEFORE the show:

David Hasselhoff

My guess for the first to go home now that I’ve seen them in action – tie – either one will meet my approval:

# 1 – he walked and just went through the motions, instead of danced

David Hasselhoff     (but a cult fan base may keep him for a while)

# 2 – she made a sorry attempt at a comedic dance and it didn’t work

Margaret Cho

Do you agree with me or have different opinions?

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