Photos of the Day – August 29th, 30th, and 31st

Good Bye to August and Hello September……Autumn is chomping at the bit to come to life with those gorgeous colors we all love to see. But, I sure hate to see Summer coming to a close. But, that is life and time marches on.

Here are my Photos of the Day rounding out the month for August 29-31, 2017:


# 241 Photo Prompt – Three:

“Three Threes”



LLR Irma with workout capris


# 242 Photo Prompt – Four:

“Four Score and Seven Years Ago…..”


Mount Albion Cemetery

# 242 Caught By My Lens:

Another aspect of the Albion NY Rocks movement is a few Painted Quilt Rocks. The idea is if you find one, you paint a square on the quilt with your own personal touch and then rehide it to be found by someone else who will do the same…..until it is full and then it makes the rounds like all the other rocks in the movement. I found one on the 30th – here is the Before (as I found it) and After (with my addition) pics:


LLR Irma with workout capris


# 243 Photo Prompt – Five:

“Hello, my name is Ellie and I am five months old!”


This is my puppy-niece… brother’s new chocolate lab puppy! Ain’t she cute? 🙂

# 243 Caught By My Lens:

Megan hasn’t been too happy since I got rid of my leather couch and replaced it with these two rocker-recliners…..she loved to lay up on the top of the back and look out the window! But, she has discovered that she can push the back of the chair back and it is even better – she doesn’t have to teeter on the top of the back of the couch! 🙂

The next set of rocks I painted for the Albion NY Rocks movement!

And, the next serving piece in the set of dishes I am making in ceramics…..a deviled egg plate!


LLR Perfect Tee and Leggings – love aqua, purple, and orange together!


September 2017s Photo Prompts:

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