Sunday Morning Brain Dump

Here are my thoughts for this lovely Sunday Morning…

  • Yesterday’s Family Carnival held by Stepping Stones Children’s Center was a great success! I popped in to see Emily and Lindsay and to place some bids on their silent auction items and found a nice sized crowd of kids having a blast!!! It looked like the silent auction items all had a good start on bids that were sure to bring in a nice amount for the fundraiser. And the dunking booth was in full swing with some very wet participants who volunteered to be dunked for charity!!! I was really pleased to see the event so busy! I hope they were able to reach their goal and I look forward to hearing the results — AND — whether or not I won anything in the raffle or if any of my bids lasted through to be the final bid!!!
  • I met fellow blogger, Joe Jon, at the Stepping Stones event yesterday — that was very nice!
  • I had all my finger nails removed yesterday!!! No – it isn’t as gruesome as it sounds! I had acrylic nails for a couple years a few years ago, but haven’t in a long time – until recently. About a month and a half ago, I had a full set put on and have been maintaining them since. I finally realized why I stopped doing it before – they are high maintenance (have to go for fill ins every 2 weeks) and they are blunt (hard to pick things up and can’t get a nice sharp scratch going to ease an itchy spot)! So – I went in to Love Nails yesterday and said “take ’em off”! I’ll have thin, weak, soft nails for a while until they recover, but at least they’ll be mine! I hope I don’t forget that, although acrylics look GREAT and don’t break so easy, I really prefer my own nails!
  • I’ve GOT to get up and out of the house earlier on Saturday mornings — I keep getting to the Farmer’s Market after everything I’d like to get is all gone!!!! I was able, though, to get some baked goods from the folks set up for CARA. Whoever baked the cookies and brownies I bought makes good stuff!!! And I am always pleased to support CARA!
  • Back in August, I wrote a post about dancing bugs in my front yard! (click here to read it) I never found out what they were or why they were there. BUT – I had someone from Miami, Florida find that post through a google search with the key words “bee like flying bugs swarming my grass”! It made me curious about their experience – I wish my stat counter would tell me who they were so I could contact them, but it doesn’t…… Anyway — as I sat looking out the living room window out to the BACK yard this morning, a zillion of those bugs are doing their dance all over a section of the back yard! This is the first time I’ve ever noticed them in the back yard! They aren’t bothering the girls and they don’t seem to be noticing them! But, I wonder what is attracting them to that spot! The whole thing really “bugs” me — and it looks like it is bugging someone in Miami, too!!!
  • One of the segments on CBS’ Sunday Morning show this morning had me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes!!! It was a short piece with Mo Rocca talking about the things a potential President should consider when choosing a running mate. He included tips like don’t choose “someone who compounds a weakness” or “someone who wants to hurt you in any way” or a “Vice Presidential Buttinski” (to which he offered his opinion that Hillary might fall into this category for Obama). But the part that cracked me up was his warning to not choose someone who’s name sounds funny with your name – here is a cut and paste from the CBS Sunday Morning web site: “Most importantly, don’t choose somebody whose name is going to sound funny with yours. This is why Obama should not choose Arizona’s Governor Janet Napolitano: Obama-Napolitano sounds too much like a coffee drink (“I’ll take a venti Obama Napolitano with soy, thanks”) or like a Rosemary Clooney song (“O-ba-ma, O-ba-ma Na-po-li-taaaaaa-no!”). Likewise, McCain cannot choose Rep. Mary Fallin of Oklahoma. “McCain-Fallin” … and he can’t get up! At that point you’re just throwing the game.”
  • On the same show, critic David Edlestein talks about Mama Mia – he didn’t like it! No surprise there – it really isn’t a “guy movie” and it really isn’t a “critic movie” – and everyone is entitled to their opinion! Also – like I said in my review – it definitely won’t appeal to everyone — you’ll really have to like this type of hokey musical comedy to get any enjoyment out of the movie (I just happen to like “hokey” and found it to be “fun”). BUT – the reason I am bringing up his review is that it cements my belief that critics “think too much” when they go see a movie!!! In fact, he actually said that you should “See “Mamma Mia!” if you’re prepared to work very hard to achieve a state of anti-enlightenment.” Maybe if he didn’t try to think about it so much and just sit back and have fun, he might have liked it – well, probably not “like it”, but my point is that critics always want to find the deep meaning or theatrical genius in every movie they go see! If all movies were made to satisfy those who want cinematic perfection and theatrical genius in telling a profound story, then where would the “fun” come from in going to the movies? One point Edlestein makes that I totally agree with: “…Pierce Brosnan, whose voice in song is the closest a human has come to a water buffalo.” – I wouldn’t have been that harsh in my description, but – yeah – they shouldn’t have let Brosnan sing! ha-ha-ha
  • I have a strange habit when I type — if I make a mistake and notice it after typing several characters or words later, I back space everything from the point I notice it back to the mistake and then retype it all……instead of just putting the cursor over the mistake and fixing just that mistake! How inefficient is that???? I hate inefficiency and, yet, I sit here and build major inefficiencies into my typing!!! Of course, it could be worse — I am a fast typer, but if I were the “hunt and peck” kind and I corrected my mistakes in this manner, I’d be here typing a simple sentence all day long!!!! ha-ha-ha
  • I’m thinking about making a PetSmart run — I wonder which dog will get to go with me??? hhmm — I’m thinking Katie!!!
  • I had a corporate visitor in this week to meet with me, so I took her to Mrs. Lacy’s for lunch and Bella’s for dinner! Both were very nice. I had the BEST duck dinner at Bella!!! It was incredible and perfectly done! It comes with Parmesan grits, which I can’t eat (allergic to cheese, but also cause I just don’t care for grits), so I had them substitute garlic mashed potatoes and it was perfect! My guest got a pork chop dish and another manager that went with us got the special – NC Red Grouper! All were fantastic!!!! She comes down about once a quarter to meet with me and I try to take her someplace different every time she comes — last time, we went to Renalds (now known as Cafe 121) for dinner!
  • The Yankees had a GREAT game against the Oakland A’s — 12 innings that lasted over 4 hours in over 90 degree heat!!! AND THEY WON!!!! They are still in 3rd place, but they are only 5 games behind 2nd place Boston – anything can still happen!!! They are at 52 wins, 45 loses! GO YANKEES!!!!

Well – I guess that’s all that’s on my mind this morning (except a renewed recording of Mama Mia replaying over and over in my head – thanks to CBS Sunday Morning!)……I’m off to start my day!

2 Comments on “Sunday Morning Brain Dump

  1. See? Now you’re weirding me out! I DO THE SAME EXACT THING WHEN I HAVE A TYPO! Delete all the way back to the typo!!!! AAAGGGHHH!!!

    Who loves ya?

  2. Kim–go out and buy a product by Sally Hansen for your nails. It’s packaged in a box, the bottle is green and it’s called something like Triple Strength. I put on nails for my senior prom (big mistake). I have really hard nails and this got them back into shape!

    Also, I used to fuss at my parents when they wouldn’t put the cursor in front of the mistake and now I do the very same thing. Just backspace…it’s so lazy!

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