The Purse Saga…

Unlike the stereotypical woman, I am not a shoe or purse hound. I don’t usually spend a lot of money on shoes and purses. I don’t think I have ever spent more than $15 or so on a purse – with the exception of a Vera Bradley I had once and one I bought for my Mom – but even those aren’t terribly expensive, if you don’t go overboard and get the big tote sized ones. Then along came my current purse! Here lies the Saga…

I was in Macy’s a couple months ago and walked past the purse section on my way to find an outfit for a special occasion. I wasn’t planning on looking at purses and actually barely glanced in that direction as I sashayed on by. That quick, nonchalant glance was all it took! A purse caught my eye and I uncontrollably stopped to get a closer look. I personally like the “hobo” style purses – you know, the big soft bag like purse with lots of room and little or no structure! This one was that style. It was the most amazing shade of weathered brown leather – like the old aviator jackets! It was soft and smelled incredible!!! It had zippered pockets on the outside that were the perfect size for my cell phone and pager, a heavy braided leather strap, and impressive silver hardware accents and buckles. It was gorgeous!!! I fell totally in love with it! I had to have it! But – I was sensible and looked at the price tag before I just blindly took it to the cashier. I almost fell over in utter shock! It was all a blur and I don’t remember the exact price, but suffice it to say it was WELL over $100! Not being “into” purses, I didn’t recognize that it was a designer bag – a Guess bag, to be specific – no wonder it was the most incredible leather bag I had ever seen. In a daze, I put the purse back on the shelf and walked away – on to finish the task I had driven to Cary to accomplish.

I found an outfit suitable for the occasion, it was on a good sale, and I had a coupon good for all purchases that specific weekend. So, I was happy – I got what I went for and it didn’t cost me a fortune – in fact, it ended up costing quite a bit less than I had planned on spending! It was a successful trip!

On the way down the escalator, I thought about having to walk past the purse section again on my way out the store! I wondered if I should go in a different direction and leave using a different entrance and walk around the outside of the building to where my car was parked. I decided that was totally silly! I’m a grown woman with a will of my own and definitely not a slave to fashion — I could certainly walk past a purse that was way out of my budget and not give it a second thought! But, then again, I remembered that I still had that coupon good for all purchases that weekend – maybe I should see what it would cost if I used the coupon…..

So, I stopped to look at it again and melted over how perfect it was! Then, I noticed the sign — it was actually on SALE!!! I hadn’t noticed that before!!! I was able to use the coupon on a sale item upstairs, maybe the lack of restrictions would apply here, too! I asked the sales lady if I could use my coupon with the sale price and she said I could AND that if I used my Macy’s credit card, I would ALSO get another percentage off on top of the other incentives!!! WOW!!! That was it — the purse was MINE!!!! I got it for about 2/3 the regular price – still FAR more than I thought I would ever pay for a purse, but not at a price that put me into shock!!! I was soooooooooo happy!!! I had my first designer bag and I justified it by telling myself that it would last much, much longer than those regular purses that I paid much less for, but had to replace far too frequently because they just plain didn’t last!

Everywhere I go I get tons of compliments on it — people who tell me what a great purse it is, some who offer to take it off my hands if I ever get sick of it, etc…. I love it – it looks great – it feels great – it actually makes me very happy!

But – the saga continues….

Saturday, I took a package to the post office to mail my Mom’s birthday gift out to her. I used the 24/7 mailing station. I entered all the info and was ready to swipe my debit card and the zipper on my purse wouldn’t work!!! I fiddled and played with it and found that the cloth from the lining was very deeply caught up in the zipper! I tried to get it to slide open enough to reach in for my wallet, but it just wouldn’t budge! I was trying to work the cloth out of the zipper, thinking that if it tore, I could easily fix it, when suddenly, the pull on the zipper came off in my hand and the teeth in the zipper broke loose and the purse opened up!!!! The zipper totally broke!!! OMG!!!!

Now I can’t close my beautiful purse!!! I was heart sick!!! It took me a while to realize that I shouldn’t be so upset — after all, I actually rarely ever zip it shut!!!! I’m not really sure why it was zipped shut on Saturday! So — no bid deal!!!! It is still a gorgeous, albeit slightly damaged, bag! The only problem is that a zipper I rarely ever used isn’t usable anymore! ha-ha-ha-ha And – if I find a good leather person, I can always have it repaired.

So, there you have it…….

One Comment on “The Purse Saga…

  1. Oh Kim, it is beautiful!!! I am a sucker for a good purse — don’t tell Jonathan :)! I too love the hobo style. I have a hobo Coach bag that I love!!

    Sometimes dry cleaners can replace purse zippers, but the shoe repair shop is usually the way to go!!

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