Yankee Stadium Closes

Sunday marked the last game that will be played at the historic Yankee Stadium!  The Yanks went out with a victory over the Orioles, speeches, tears, sentiment, and cheers from the crowd!  It is sad to think that the “House that Ruth Built” – a strong, iconic house rich in history – will soon no longer exist!  

Sunday night was an ending to an era and a start towards building new traditions and memories across the street at the new stadium set to open in February.   I wonder if the ghosts of all the great Yankee players will follow the crowd to the new stadium – it was part of the charm of being in Yankee Stadium to feel their presence and sense that they were there sitting in the seat next to you or standing behind the pitcher whispering advice or giving a lift to an outfielder reaching to catch a fly ball to win the game!  I can’t imagine Yankee Stadium without them!

Click here for a recap of Sunday night’s closing – this will take you to an article on the NY Yankee web site:


Just across the street, the new stadium is going to be incredible and I hope to be able to see a game there one day.  It promises to be a perfect blend of the old and the new.  Click here for a virtual tour video of the new stadium – it is a long video, but well worth the time!  It has some nice historical info and video, interviews, and a tour of what the interior of the new stadium will look like.  A very nice video!


Such is life – everything eventually changes and we move on!

One Comment on “Yankee Stadium Closes

  1. My dad is a HUGE Yankees fan but had never been to Yankee Stadium. My sister flew my parents to New York last month so that my dad could go to a game there before it closed. I was so happy that she was able to do that for him. She even had them put a welcome message on the jumbotron!

    Your post conjured up a vision of transparent baseball players floating into the new stadium and looking around in awe!

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