Dancing With The Stars – Week 1

Well, week one is done and I am 2 for 2 in my predictions!  I had planned to hold my predictions and comments until after the end of week one, but per a comment I left on my 9-22-08 post, I did go ahead and say that I thought Jeffrey would be the first to go and that Ted would follow him on the second night!  And I was correct!  The first two to be voted off were Jeffrey and Ted – in that order!

Early ones to watch are Brooke, Toni, and Warren – all are very good and show the most promise – so far!  Warren was a shocker right out of the box — for someone as big and athletic as he is, he sure is light on his feet and flexible – not what I expected out of him at all – very good!  Of course, it is just the first week, so it is still anyone’s competition to blossom and win!

I would expect the scores to be low the first week because the stars are nervous, it is their first dance, and they haven’t had time to polish their techniques!  But, I thought the judges were a little harsh on them – their comments sounded more like what you would expect further into the series if someone hasn’t improved or listened to their advice!  Also – I think it is too early (regardless of how good someone is) to be giving out 9s!  I think a 9 means they have no room for improvement and certainly they are not perfect, yet!

The first night, Susan Lucci came off nervous and cautious and didn’t get a lot of love from the judges!  I forget if it was Len or Bruno who said that her first dance needed a slut and Carrie Ann said she looked frail out there!  It was true — I think for Susan to continue improving, she needs to bring out Erica Kane!  She is too sweet and demure as Susan Lucci – if she competes as Susan, she’ll surely be done earlier than if she brings Erica out and really pours on the DIVA qualities!  She did much better last night, though!

Cody and Julianne are the king and queen of the prom…..a cutesy couple, but I’m not so sure Julianne can pull off enough magic to keep him around very long! 

Then there is Cloris Leachman……what a character she is!!!!  I think she’ll get to hang around a couple weeks or so because people will vote her in just to see what she’ll do next!  But once the competition starts to get heated and the ones that don’t improve in their technique are weeded out, she’ll be gone.  I am still in absolute awe of her, though!  I can not imagine doing as good as she is doing — and she’s 82 years old!!!  She definitely deserves a lot of credit for getting out there and giving it the ole college try!!!

So – who do I think will be voted off next week?   By rights in the technical sense, unless someone else really blows it, it should be either Kim Kardashian or Cloris Leachman!  Both will be popular with the voters, though – Cloris because people are going to want to keep her around to see what she’ll say next and Kim because of her celebrity status with the younger crowd!  So – I’m thinking it just might be Cody next week!

Of course, we have seen some major upsets in past seasons because someone had one bad dance that totally blows all previous good performances out the window……I hope nothing like that happens this year!

Happy Dancing……

2 Comments on “Dancing With The Stars – Week 1

  1. Congrats on the new digs. Let me know how you like it after a few days. I have been flirting with the same idea, as well.

  2. I’ve been here for about a week now and LOVE it!!! There are several nice features on WordPress and it is easier all around! AND, it was really easy to just import my whole blog from Blogger into WordPress – took me just a few minutes to transfer everything! I am really glad I made the switch! Go for it, Joe Jon!

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