CIS Gala – Two Weeks and Counting

UPDATE – I received the list of jewelry Southern Jewelers is including in the Jewelry Raffle – I’ll disclose it in teaser posts I plan to run over the next week or so as I receive the restaurant’s menus, silent auction items, and other details… is all so fabulous!!!


We’re in the last two weeks of preparations for the big event — the 3rd Annual Benefit Gala for Children for Communities In Schools of Lee County will take place on Friday, October 10th from 6:00 – 10:00!  If you haven’t heard about it, go read the Sept 13th and 14th editions of the Sanford Herald!    It is an amazing event and the major fundraiser for CIS each year!  I can’t wait — but — the next two weeks are going to be really intense as we wrap up the last minute details and tie up loose ends!  I gotta say — for the third year, the businesses and individuals in Sanford have been absolutely wonderful — their support makes the Gala a success year after year and we can’t do it without them! 

Our hosts this year are Mark and Ruth Stewart on Camelot Lane – they have graciously opened their home as the centerpiece for the Gala where guests will tour the home upon their arrival at the event and then make their way out to the tents in the backyard for food, bars, entertainment, and the silent auction! 

The restaurants that are participating in the Taste of Lee County this year are Amy’s Confection Company, Bagels ‘N Stuff, Bella Bistro, Cafe 121, Fresh Choice, Myra’s Kitchen, Harris Wholesale, and Smith’s Coffee – these (and the others that have participated in the past and will, hopefully, participate again) are incredible – they donate their food and time to offer up their specialties for our guests and are always a big hit!!! 

The Silent Auction Committee put together a Silent Auction to beat all Silent Auctions this year — they have an amazing list of fabulous items donated by Sanford businesses and individuals that will knock your socks off — the list includes trips, spa packages, golf packages, artwork, photography, major sporting event packages, and much, much more!!!  All proceeds from the Silent Auction go to CIS – the businesses and individuals have donated all items at no cost to CIS – you just gotta love this incredibly generous city!  The CIS Board is putting together a nice item for the Silent Auction, as well – we are all donating wine to be put in a really nice wine rack (I believe the rack holds 24 bottles – not sure of that, though) – the person getting this item will have a wide variety of wines for their tasting pleasure!   

New this year is a Jewelry Raffle – in the first two years we did a Diamond Raffle – this year we will offer up a nice assortment of jewelry for the raffle!  Southern Jewelers is sponsoring this feature this year!  This is the way it will work:  Guests will have an opportunity to purchase one of 50 chances for $25 each and every chance is a winner!!  The minimum prize your chance will yield you is a $25 gift certificate at Southern Jewelers — so, everyone will at least get their $25 investment back!!!!  No risk – no loss!!!  BUT — you just may win something even better!  There will be several prizes of varying values much higher than the $25 investment!  You can’t lose!!  And, again, ALL proceeds go to CIS — Southern Jewelers is generously donating all the prizes at no cost to CIS!!! 

Live entertainment will be Jackie Gore Entertainment Group (formerly of the Embers) — this is a must attend event!!  If you would like to purchase tickets or be a sponsor, please contact the CIS office at 919-718-5426!  Tickets are on sale for $100 each and sponsorships are still available beginning at $250 – of course, any size donation is always appreciated, as well!  For more info on CIS of Lee County, please visit our web site!

Thank you to all who support CIS and our important programs!

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