The Weekend Is Here – YAY!

It is Saturday morning – the weekend is here – two days of fun and relaxation!  So – what am I going to do with them???  The first thought this morning is on MOVIES!  Since I didn’t see any of the top three from last week’s line up, I now have an even longer laundry list of movies I want to see!  More that have been peaking my interest opened this weekend and two new ones catapulted themselves to the top of the list!  So — here’s what I’m thinking:

Nights in Rodanthe – Richard Gere and Diane Lane – my new top choice – this is a MUST NOT MISS, SEE FIRST movie for me!  No brainer – this one WILL be seen this weekend!  Two other stories from this author are on my top movie favorities list – The Notebook (my current all time absolutely favorite movie) and Message In A Bottle (another wonderful movie)!  So – it will take something really drastic to keep me from seeing this movie this weekend!  Watch for a review!

Eagle Eye – the only name on the cast list I recognize is Billy Bob Thorton, but I won’t hold that against the movie because he isn’t one of the lead characters, so I’m thinking he won’t have a big enough role to ruin it for me!  ha-ha  I think this one is tied for second choice.  It is a Steven Spielberg film and looks very intense!  I’m thinking it is the type of suspense thriller that appeals to me, so it is pretty high on the list!

Ghost Town – This was top on my list last week and is now tied for second choice with Eagle Eye!  I adore Greg Kinnear and this looks like a really fun, entertaining movie!  So – if I see two movies this weekend, the second will depend on my mood — will I be in the mood for suspense or comedy — will I want to be on the edge of my seat or laugh!  Those are the questions that will determine which of these two movies are seen first!  The other downfall for Ghost Town is that is isn’t playing in Sanford……..

 Burn After Reading and My Best Friend’s Girl round out my top five — these will only come into play this weekend if I feel the strong urge to see MORE movies after the top three are seen — not likely gonna happen, but you never know!!!


Other thoughts I have on this cool Sunday morning:

I have mentioned the squirrels that torment the girls every day — well, they are particularly active today — cool weather and dropping walnuts have gotten into high gear!  Here are some pictures of the girls watching the squirrels who are teasing them on limbs out of their reach – the pics are kinda dark cause the sun isn’t very bright this morning and if I tried to get up close to them, they would have refocused their attention on me and I would have missed the shot (you can click on the pic and make it bigger, if you’re interested):

And in more pics of the girls — I was curled up on the couch watching the debate last night and I was able to get these pics of Megan and Amy that are a perfect expression of just how boring the the debate was – this is the first time they have ever curled up in these chairs like this – the chairs are positioned together with a small table between them and it was so cute to see the girls each in their own chair, snoozing:

Guess that’s it for now……

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