Dancing With The Stars – Season 7 Begins Tonight!

Season 7 of Dancing With The Stars starts tonight in a live 3 show event where 2 of the 13 couples will be eliminated!  I am so excited!!  I thought it was strange, though, that there wasn’t the normal hoop-la this year to build anticipation for the show – it is really starting up with very little promotional fan fare!!  But, that’s OK.  I don’t have any early predictions – I’m waiting to see what happens this first week!  My early favorite to root for is Susan Lucci – I think she’ll do good — she is graceful and has been an entertainer most of her life, so she knows what it takes to rehearse and give it all she’s got.  Cloris Leachman may surprise us, but even if she doesn’t stay in the competition very long, she gets a BIG A+ for her effort and guts for getting out there and trying to compete at age 82!!!  I think they are over playing the athelete card this year with THREE!  I’m also interested in watching Chef Rocco DiSpirito.  After I see how they come out of the box this week, I’ll start having some stronger opinions on who has staying power and who may be among the ones to leave early!

The line up of stars this season is:

Lance Bass
Kim Kardashian
Cloris Leachman
Misty May-Treamer
Cody Linley
Rocco DiSpirito
Toni Braxton
Ted McGinley
Susan Lucci
Maurice Green
Warren Sapp
Brooke Burke
Jeffrey Ross

I’ll be watching…

4 Comments on “Dancing With The Stars – Season 7 Begins Tonight!

  1. So, what did you think?

    I fear that Jeffrey Ross will be leaving tonight, which is sad because without Edyta in the competition, my husband probably won’t watch with me anymore 😦 Honestly, though, he was the worst (with Rocco a close second).

    I think Ted McGinley is the Steve Guttenburg of this year’s group – tons of charm but not much talent. Cloris Leachman was a trip. And Warren Sapp was great – those big football players move surprisingly well, plus he has TONS of personality.

    I haven’t picked a favorite yet (my hubby likes Brooke Burke, but I don’t think it has much to do with her dancing skills), so I’m excited to see what everyone does tonight. So glad DWTS is back 🙂

  2. I was going to hold my opinion until after tonight, but I do agree with most of your thoughts! I think Jeffrey will be the first to go. I thought, though, that Ted McGinley would be next. I’m going to wait until after tonight to start to form any other opinions.

    I’m so excited to have DWTS to look forward to each week…..I love it!

  3. Well, we got the first one right! That was a no-brainer! I missed part of tonight because I did Live at 9 – gonna watch the tape tomorrow and write up my observations and predictions! For now – good night!

  4. Yeah, we always have to watch it on tape, too, which is kind of a bummer because then you can’t vote. But I can’t exactly put the kids to bed early because DWTS is on … or could I? Just kidding 🙂

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