Mystery Solved and Other Thoughts

OK – so it looks like I have been in a tizzy for about 2 weeks for NO REASON – I thought I was missing out on great things my fellow Sanford bloggers Amy, Jay, and Stacey were writing that I couldn’t see….. I was all excited just now when I saw that Amy had a new post and I could actually see it now that I have the WordPress Blog Surfer feature…………..I thought everything was fixed!!  But, there was still nothing between today’s and the August 27th post!  I left Amy a comment and she confirmed – no post since August 27th!!!  The feature on Blogger that tells if there is a new post LIED TO ME!!!!  Uugghh!!!!  I can only assume that the other two were the same Blogger lie……I feel so betrayed!!!  ha-ha  That doesn’t explain the problem my Mom had with her link to my blog a while back (which lead me to believe I was having the same problem and the reason I was sure it was something wrong with my links), but her’s was probably a one-off thing cause I was able to fix her’s by having her try using a different link and then refreshing her old link!

So – mystery solved!!!

I am actually really happy that it (whatever “it” was) happened cause it pushed me to make the switch and I am so much happier with WordPress than I was with Blogger…..and don’t you just love the picture at the top of my page?  WordPress has so much nicer layout designs – I loved the one I had on Blogger, too – I have a thing for lighthouses – but that was the only one that had any character to it at all!!  This one is so soothing and calming and pretty! 

I didn’t get to a movie this afternoon……I just couldn’t decide which one to go see and I was feeling all lazy and sleepy, so I just curled up with the girls and relaxed and napped and vegged out watching LifeTime movies and did absolutely nothing!!  My best friends came over to have lunch to help me through all the left overs from yesterday’s party – they were on their way to Myrtle Beach and decided to come have lunch here instead of going to the trouble at home or eating out — I’m glad they did!!!!  They were at the party for a little while yesterday, so they knew what I had here to eat, so it was a no-brainer for them!

The Emmy’s are on tonight – so is Army Wives!  Guess I’ll be watching Army Wives when it reruns tomorrow night!  But, that is at the same time as All My Children on SoapNet, so I’d better remember to set my recorder for All My Children at the regular ABC time tomorrow afternoon!  Man, for someone who doesn’t really watch a lot of TV – it tends to just be “on” and I flip channels a lot – I sure have a couple of days this week that need to be juggled!!!  

BTW – your’s truly will be on “Live at 9” – Charter Cable channel 16 – at 9:00 on Tuesday night talking about CIS and the upcoming Gala!  Check us out!

I was really craving a blueberry bagel this morning – I thought long and hard about going to Bagels & Stuff, but just didn’t have the oomph to motivate myself to go out!  I really need to get into a regular habit of stopping by there and getting some to have here for the weekends – I really love their bagels!!!

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