Yesterday, Today and Oh, By The Way

Let’s start with today and go to yesterday later….  I have a dilema!  There are THREE movies out right now that I have been waiting for and really want to see ASAP!  As I will expain later, yesterday was a little busy, so I didn’t have BOTH Sat and Sun available to go to the movies – which would have given me the opportunity to go see all three if it wasn’t so expensive to go to the movies!  The movies are (in order of preference) Ghost Town with Greg Kinnear (I love Greg Kinnear), My Best Friend’s Girl with Kate Hudson (she is great in everything she does), and Burn After Reading with a large impressive cast including George Clooney and Brad Pitt (YUM).   Ghost Town is my first choice, but it’s not playing in Sanford – I have to go to Southern Pines to see it (or Cary) – and if I go to Southern Pines (or Cary), I could see all three, but that would be a little much and more cash than I am willing to shell out in one day for movies……so, I will pick one and then see the others another weekend!  Only problem there is that there are several that I am looking forward to coming out in the coming weeks – so I will end up in this same boat again!!!


Now, as for yesterday!!!  It was a most enjoyable day!!!  I got an idea in my head a few months ago to have a doggie birthday party for Megan and Amy when they turned two years old in mid August.  I thought it would be cool to invite all the neat dogs I know to come and help them celebrate – and, of course, include their mommies and daddies, too!  It would be a play date for the dogs and a picnic/get together for the adults.  So, I mentioned it to a couple people to see what they thought about my idea and it sounded good to all of us!  The original plan was to find a good date in mid August, but when I started planning it, some medical issues I was going through were coming to a peak and I wasn’t sure how that was going to shake out.  Once that was resolved, I was in the middle of finalizing plans to reconfigure the front part of my fenced in back yard – the date for that kept getting pushed out and although it would have been fine to have the party either pre or post fence changes, I was concerned that they would be “in process” on the weekend we chose (which would have been a disaster), so I decided to wait until I knew the fence was going to be done!  THEN – it was getting into Labor Day………… was beginning to look like this party was doomed to not happen!!!  Also – it was now past Megan and Amy’s birthday, so it changed from a doggie birthday party to just a doggie play date party……we finally all agreed to a date and plans began!!!  We had a trial run on Thurs evening with a couple dogs just to see how it looked like things would go.  I discovered that Megan didn’t do so well with strange dogs in “her” yard and Amy was OK after a few minutes, but still seemed a little stressed.  So, I decided that it would be way too stressful of an experience for them and I won’t deliberately put them through something that would be traumatic for them.  They do GREAT with other dogs at Rae-Zor doggie day care and at other people’s homes, but not so much in their own yard… I decided to take them to Rae-Zor for the day and let them play and have an adventure there, instead of at the party!  Otherwise, I was considering canceling the party, which I am so glad I didn’t!!

Katie, on the other hand, loves every dog and person she comes into contact with and I just knew she would take over being the perfect hostess and just love the whole thing!!!  And she DID — she was right in her element all afternoon!  It really made her extremely happy to have so many new friends to meet and kiss and play with!!!  

There were 6 families with a total of 12 dogs invited to the doggie party – one family didn’t make it, one stopped in for a little while on their way to other plans – we ended up with 8 adults and 8 dogs for the majority of the party!  It all started about 3:00 and turned out to be one of the best ideas I’ve had in a long time!!!  The dogs all got along GREAT – they ran and ate treats and played ball and ate treats and played in the pool and ate treats and got a ton of attention from the adults and ate treats……did I mention there were treats?  They each got a little gift bag with a ball, some chews, and some treats to take home with them!  They had a BLAST!!!  They were all so happy – wagging tales, playing, and minimal barking (my neighbors were probably happy for that when they noticed so many dogs in my yard).  And, as for Katie — well, she was the Queen of the Ball — this was HER party — no doubt about it!!!  And since the dogs all got along so well and pretty much entertained themselves, the adults were able to play with them some and also enjoy some conversations and food.  It was a good time for all…..

After the party, I went to get Megan and Amy from Rae-Zor.  Rae said they had a great time and played a lot and even got a pedicure (I asked that they clip their nails while they were there).  They got home and sniffed every inch of the yard and me trying to figure out what happened here while they were off having an adventure of their own!!! 

So – it turned out great for all concerned!!  I was disappointed, though, that most of the pictures I took turned out blurry and that I didn’t get all the dogs captured in photos – not sure how I missed some of them, but I did….. ;(  Here are a couple that paint a good picture of the theme for the day — dogs having fun!

OK – now for the “Oh, By The Way” part:

Katie, Megan, and Amy have been outside enjoying the cool morning in their yard.  They were going nuts this morning – literally!  There is a big black walnut tree just across the back fence that hangs over my shed.  The nuts fall onto the roof of the shed and make a noise as they roll off the roof onto the ground.  This time of year, they are falling pretty heavily!  That also means that the squirrels are actively working to gather as many as they can to store away for the winter!  On cool mornings like this, the squirrels are really into it and running all over the branches of the trees along my fence line.  The girls go crazy in two directions — first, trying to get at the squirrels that are taunting them beyond their reach — second, chasing down the falling walnuts!  They also crack open the hard shells trying to get the nuts out – it is funny to watch!

Gas prices are starting to go back down – the stock market is making its way back to a recovery from the major drop earlier in the week – the temperatures are starting to hang around that mid-high 70s mark – we’re just three weeks away from the CIS Gala on Oct 10th —- things are looking good!!!!

Ooppss – the girls see another squirrel – I’d better let them out before they have a melt down! 

3 Comments on “Yesterday, Today and Oh, By The Way

  1. I woke up this morning and felt a lump under my pillow…it was one of the little bones!!! I wish I could have had a picture of my face as I pulled that thing out from under the pillow. Copper was VERY excited about his treats but he is always most excited about “burying” them somewhere inside. He usually spends about 10-20 minutes hiding and rehiding his treat.

  2. Luna is still tired! She’s much more calm this morning than she usually is! Thanks for helping us to have a more calm, relaxing weekend here! Sully was happy with the treats from the bag also, they love their ball! Thanks so much for having us and being brave enough to put your idea into action.

    Emily- I hope Copper’s toe is feeling ok.

  3. The girls and I were so tired last night that we all fell asleep on the couch watching TV and never woke up until 6:30 this morning – still fully clothed, TV and lights on, and no one waking up wanting to go out! Boy, was I stiff and sore after sleeping on the couch with three dogs curled up there with me!

    Lindsay – I don’t know what I was thinking – I meant to give you a bag for Sully so he had one of his own!!! Sorry!!!

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