I have been considering the move to WordPress for a while now, but the issue I was having lately was the one that pushed me to make the final decision.  BUT – I found that it obviously wasn’t a “Blogger” thing because the move and entering in all new links to other blogs didn’t make the problem go away!

So – here is my issue – maybe someone can come up with a suggestion for me:

There are three blogs that came up on my Blogger blogroll as having new posts, but when I went to them, their blog was still showing an old post as the most current one AND they won’t show the title of their most recent post on my Blogger blogroll.  Here is the situation:

–  The first one it happened to was Amy Burns’ blog on WordPress – I show that she posted something new one week ago, but the last post I see when I go to her site is dated August 27th – “Melissa’s Wedding and the Biggest Cake Ever!”

–  The next one it happened to was Stacey Craft – she is on Blogger – My Blogger blogroll had an update that she posted something new after Amy did, but the last one I see on her site is dated August 26th – “I often wonder how did I get here?”

–  The last one (so far) that it has happened to was Jay Riley’s blog on WordPress – it looks like he posted something new 2 days ago, but the last one I see is dated August 27th – “I’ve Been Wiki’d!”

I had my Mom have the same problem with my blog – she kept looking for updates and finally asked me if I gave up on keeping it up.  Of course, I didn’t, but she went over a week without seeing a new post!  I had her try several things, but what finally worked was using the link in her Internet Explorer favorites instead of her AOL favorites.  I’m thinking now, though, that it might have just been a coincidence that the issue was resolved by doing that!

I have tried several things — using my links in both IE and AOL, linking from my blog and from my favorites, typing the links in from scratch, using my desktop computer instead of my laptop, linking from a different computer that didn’t already have the link in the history, deleting and reentering the links, a suggestion that Joe Jon had about clicking on the header to get the most currently dated post, deleting my temp internet files, history, and cookies, sent a help note to Blogger to see if they knew what the problem was (no response – another reason I finally decided to switch), and now changing my blog service!  NOTHING HAS WORKED!!

Can anyone help?  I don’t want these (and maybe other) blogs to be lost to me forever!

One Comment on “Issues….

  1. I went to those 3 blogs above and see the same last posts you do…maybe it was a glitch? For whatever reason they’re saying there’s a new post but I certainly don’t see any, either.

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