Sunday – Here, There, and Everywhere!

I got up early this morning and headed out on a beautiful top down drive around town!  I had a couple errands to run, but mainly just tooled around and snapped some pictures of a lazy, sleepy Sunday in Sanford! 

First up — I had breakfast at the Dairy Bar.  It was still early, so it wasn’t too crowded, but it was starting to fill in.


Horner Blvd was even quiet — almost NO traffic at all.



The fairgrounds are quiet now……but, just wait until September 15th – they’ll be all lit up and brimming with excitement for the Lee Regional Fair Sept 15-20!!!


Then, I started on my errands — I had to go to Lowes for more renovation supplies, so I decided to drive by the much anticipated Cracker Barrel to see if there were any signs about the upcoming opening!  I found the front porch full of their signature rocking chairs just waiting for all the Sanford customers to come buy them and a sign that says they aren’t open, yet, but to come back on September 7th!!!   Yippee — just one more week!  I love Cracker Barrel……but, I do have some serious mixed feelings about it, though — if I have one right here in Sanford that I can go to any time I want, what will I have to look forward to when I drive up home?  I plan my stops for meals around what exits have a Cracker Barrel……will having one here change that?  Then, again, I did say on my last driving trip up that it would likely be the LAST time I drive – it is a tough trip by myself!  So — guess it doesn’t matter after all……



The rest of my day was spent helping (er, um, watching) Ronald work on the garage — he switched out the water heater…..good bye old leaking 40 gallon water heater…..


Hello new 50 gallon water heater……all snug as a bug in a rug…..


I have a new bush along the back fence — the elves put it in this spring to replace one that had died and left an open spot in the landscaping.  It started blooming this weekend – I don’t know what it is and didn’t know it was a bloomer, but it is so pretty!  Does anyone know what it is?





That’s all…..

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