Saturday Morning

The weekend is here!  Lots to talk about – CIS Dancing with the Lee County Stars event; CARA events; some updates on my ongoing home renovations; and more!  Who said that summer days are “lazy”?  I am definitely in high gear and busy, busy, busy!

Communities In Schools of Lee County is doing Dancing with the Lee County Stars as our major fundraiser for the 2009-10 fiscal year (click here to access the event web site).  This event will take place on Friday August 21st beginning at 6:00 at the Dennis Wicker Civic Center here in Sanford, NC.  The evening will start out with a chance to mingle and enjoy “A Taste of Lee County” including specialty menus and assorted beverage items by some of the area’s finest chefs – Amy’s Confection Company, Bella Bistro, Cafe 121, Fresh Choice Cafe, Myra’s Kitchen, Smith’s Coffee and Bottled Water, and Harris Wholesale.  The entertainment begins at 8:00 with ballroom and shag routines performed by local “stars” and their dancing partners!  The winner will be the couple who raise the most money.  How do they do that?  Through your votes and by selling tickets and sponsorships for the event!   For more information, visit our event web site to find the names of all the dancing couples and links to cast your votes and purchase tickets on line.   CIS has programs that connect needed resources between the Lee County schools and local businesses and individuals.  We focus on providing services that will keep kids in school and prepare them for life!  As with many non-profit organizations, the declining economy has taken it’s toll on CIS and we are in desperate need of funds!  So – vote early and often and get your tickets to come out to enjoy a fun filled night of food and entertainment!

Carolina Animal Rescue and Adoption (CARA) is teaming up with Temple Theatre and featured artists Lisa Mathis and Yvonne Sovereign to host a “Dog Dayz of Summer” event on Friday, August 7th from 5:00 – 7:00 pm at the Art Studio at 102 South Steele Street, Suite 302 – on the corner of Steele and Carthage Streets.  $25 will get you into this event and all proceeds go to CARA, a Sanford area non-profit organization devoted to helping animals in need of forever homes.  Tickets can be purchased at Temple Theatre and include an art exhibition, reception with appetizers, and a seat for the Friday evening performance of 101 Dalmatians at Temple Theater at 7:00 pm on the 7th.  Come out and support this wonderful organization and give a helping hand to animals in need of our love and support!  Check out CARA’s and Temple’s web sites for more info on both organizations and the 101 Dalmatians production.

I am so excited….I am planning for a visit this fall by my Mom and this year, my brother and sister-in-law are going to come down and join us for one of the long weekends that she will be here!!!  I can’t wait!!!  This is the first time my brother and his wife have been to my current home.

Other fantastic family news:  My nephew, Bryan – my brother’s son – and his wife, Brianne, are expecting a baby!!!  Too early to know if I’ll be a Great Aunt or a Great Uncle (my feeble attempt at humor – I mean too early to know if it will be a boy or girl), but we’re all anxiously awaiting the newest addition to our family — the first of that generation!!! 

Now — renovation update:  The kitchen and living room still have some minor work to be done – rearranging things and putting stuff back up on walls before they are really presentable – but we did get the wainscoting and chair rail molding up on the kitchen walls!  It looks GREAT!!! 





Now, all I need is for the kitchen curtains I ordered to arrive, put up a couple things on the walls, and finish painting the table and chairs – the table is painted, but the chairs are still waiting for me to get on them!  Then, the kitchen will be DONE!

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