Day Fit For A King

Today – January 8th – was a day fit for a king!  Yep, the King, Elvis Presley, would have turned 75 years old today!  But that wasn’t the only notable thing that happened, or for that matter, didn’t happen today!  I have a lot of thoughts about today and the last few days rattling around in my head, so this is sure to be a good old “brain dump” so I can make room for the thoughts I hope to have over the weekend!  Weekends tend to generate a ton of great thoughts, so it would be nice to have some space available for them when they start pouring in!  So, here goes…….

Elvis — it is hard to believe he would have been (or is, depending on your belief) 75 years old today!  WOW — I grew up watching the young, handsome Elvis in movies like Viva Las Vegas and Kissing Cousins (my two favorites).   I remember watching the ’68 Come Back Special and falling in love forever with that skin-tight black leather outfit and the guy in it!  I was 12 years old — do you know what something like that does to a 12-year-old girl just starting to bud into her teens?  Yeah – it was a lasting vision that still melts my jammies to think about!  I would lay on my stomach on the floor inches from the TV watching anything that came on with Elvis in it and CRY my eyes out!!!  I played the Elvis songs loaded on my iPhone all day at work today — most set me to be-bopping, many put me in a mellow moment, and some brought tears to my eyes!  Ones that will ALWAYS bring tears to my eyes are “You Gave Me A Mountain”, “If I Can Dream”, “Are You Lonesome Tonight”, and “One Night” – my personal favorite Elvis song out of all Elvis songs!!! 

The thought of Elvis also makes me think of and remember my dear friend, David Whittier!  David was the lead singer of a local band called Defiance and a very close friend of mine.  David always made me think of Elvis – he sung some of his songs (“If I Can Dream”, “You Gave Me A Mountain”, and “Polk Salad Annie”, to name a few) and sounded very much like him.  When he sang anything, he would bring tears to my eyes!  So, David was always a trigger to get all emotional about Elvis.  David passed away tragically way too young from a horrible accident!  Now, when I hear Elvis, I think of my dear friend, David, and get the warm fuzzies all over!  I know that Elvis and David are jamming together in Heaven and they will forever link memories of each other in my heart!

It is no secret that I grew up and spent the first 1/2 of my life in Western New York in a small town about half way between Buffalo and Rochester just off of Lake Ontario in the Buffalo snow belt!  I have seen some pretty massive blizzards over the years — some that required earth movers to come in and cut through mountains of snow to clear roads.  Even though it snowed several months out of the year, we had very few snow days from school – if they closed school because of snow, we never would have gone to school in the winter months and some spring months!  So – I will never understand the panic that goes on in Sanford, NC when the weather man even mentions the word “snow”, even if it isn’t part of the forecast!  This week, the weather guys all predicted a potential for some light snow on Thursday night / Friday morning.  The forecast was for “a trace to 1/2 inch” possible in some areas, depending on where the cold front passes through.  So, by 2:00 on Thursday afternoon, most of the counties, including the one I live in, decided to put the schools all on a 2 hour delayed opening on Friday morning —- BEFORE they even knew IF we’d get any snow and if we did, how much and what impact it might have!  As it turned out, there was NO snow and NO ice Friday morning!  But, since they already announced the delayed opening, parents had to scramble around because they had kids that would be home alone for two hours in the morning if they didn’t either arrange for their care or be late for work!  All for nothing!  Jeez!!!  I will never understand the reaction to the threat of snow here!!  Someone on Facebook today made the joke that maybe the grocery stores and the weather people are in a partnership to boost sales of bread and milk — Kroger, Food Lion, etc. call the local TV stations and say “hey, we’ve got a bad surplus of bread and milk on our hands!  You think you might be able to create a snow scare so we get to sell out of our stock?”  The weather station kick into gear and say the word “snow” and BAM – all bread and milk across the state flies out of the grocery stores within minutes!! 

We’re working on some exciting things for CARA!  On Friday, February 5th, Cafe 121 is hosting a “First Friday” fundraising event benefiting CARA – 50% of the sales for dinner that evening will go directly to CARA!  We’re working to generate a lot of interest in going to Cafe 121 for dinner on the 5th!   Then, on Monday, February 22nd, we’re having our annual Bella Dinner at Bella Bistro!  An amazing 5 course meal with wine pairings and a champagne reception before the dinner starts!  Tickets are on sale for $75 each and sponsorship opportunities are available.  All proceeds benefit CARA’s Holly Fund to pay expenses for homeless animals with special needs.  If you’re interested in attending this event, please leave a comment here and I’ll get you the info you need to get tickets or be a sponsor!

I talked to a dear friend today that I don’t talk to as often as I would like to — just a matter of busy schedules, which is absolutely no excuse!!!  There are some people who I just plain need to commit to make time for keeping in touch with them more often!  She is one!  It was great talking to her and we plan to get together for brunch and a movie soon!

2010 is off to a kick-ass start!!  Hope it keeps up! 

One Comment on “Day Fit For A King

  1. I am SO furious about the delay. It put us in a rough position and I don’t work! I can’t imagine what they were thinking. Absolutely unnecessary!

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