Mixed Emotions

Life is back to normal after the holidays and extended time off from work.  You know – back to the old grind; same ole, same ole; the big let down; back to work to rest from vacation…….however you want to categorize the fact that vacation, holidays, and daily afternoon naps are over and everything is back to the way it was before!  This always creates a huge internal conflict in me and sends my emotions into a perfect portrayal of Sybil – the girl with the multiple personality disorder played beautifully by Sally Field in the 1976 film of the same name!  I’m all over the place with mixed emotions!

I traveled to my Mom’s for a week the day after Christmas until this past Saturday.  It was the second time in as many months that I was able to be home for a holiday – I also spent a week there over the Thanksgiving holiday!  I’m not positive, but I’m fairly certain that this was the first time in the 24 years that I have lived in NC that I went home for BOTH Thanksgiving and Christmas and it was wonderful!!!  I usually pick one or the other holiday or my Mom comes here one or the other holiday and there have been times over the years that we weren’t able to get together EITHER holiday (those years really sucked)!

So, why the roller coaster of emotions?  Here are the pros and cons lists: 

Pros – the trip:

  • Spend quality time with my family
  • Being in the homes I grew up in – my Mom’s home and my brother’s home (which used to be my Grandparent’s home)
  • Relaxation – no work, no responsibilities, afternoon naps
  • Great food
  • Lunch with dear friends from high school – Laura, Linda, and Chris
  • Got to see snow around the holidays
  • Familiar, comforting surroundings
  • Memories
  • Love – lots of love

Cons – the trip:

  • SNOW — yeah, it was on the pro list, but there was WAY too much of it, so it is here, too!!!!
  • Flight delays, crowded airports, enhanced security due to a terrorist attempt the day before I flew up
  • Missed my dogs a LOT
  • Gone over Thanksgiving and Christmas, so didn’t put up any inside decorations — kinda stifled the Christmas spirit

Pros – the return:

  • The girls were so excited to see me and I was so excited to see them!!!
  • Back to my routine, work, and normal way of doing things
  • Left the SNOW behind (do you get that the snow was a real issue this trip????)

Cons – the return:

  • Reestablished the distance between me and my family — major let down
  • No more daily afternoon naps
  • Back to work and responsibilities

So — now that I’m all settled back in to my normal life and routine, what am I looking forward to?   A planned cruise with my Mom to Key West and Nassau — gonna be GREAT!!!

Oh, and I just realized I didn’t do a resolution list for 2010, so here it is – I hope I do as good or better at keeping them this year as I did last year!!!

  • Seek out more opportunities to be with family and hometown friends!  Not as easy as it sounds……
  • Continue to remind myself to not get all excited and wrapped up in things I have little or no control over.  I did a decent job of this last year, but can still use some improvement!  AND – I’m thinking it will likely be even more important this year!  The stress of worrying about things that are out of my control is just plain NOT worth it!  Life’s too short and I just need to keep in mind that everything happens for a reason and make the most out of whatever gets dished out to me and move on to the next adventure!  It is a much healthier outlook!  I resolve to do a better job of maintaining this attitude in all potentially stressful situations!
  • Put my health, personal well-being, and inner happiness FIRST and foremost!  This sorta goes with the first one, but takes it just a little further! 
  • Lose weight — yeah, the standard resolution of probably 80-90% of all Americans — why should I be any different?
  • Renew my love of cooking — this was on last year’s and I didn’t really do much towards it!  So, I’m going to try to be more serious about it this year!  I used to love to cook and was a pretty good cook!  I’ve gotten so far out of the habit that I tend to forget how to make the simplest of dishes!  I’d love to learn some more advanced skills and get back into entertaining and cooking for others!  Let’s see how this one goes this year!
  • Work on drastically reducing or eliminating my debt!

I think that’s quite enough to tackle for now!

Here’s to the joys of being on vacations and traveling, getting back into my routines, looking forward to exciting plans for the future, and resolutions that are challenging yet achievable with a little effort and conviction!  Life is good — enjoy it while you can!!! 

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