Coffee Talk

It is a well known fact that I don’t drink coffee…..tea is my go-to hot drink. Oh, I used to drink coffee fairly regularly….many years ago. In the mid-70s to early 80s when I worked at GE, a bunch of us would get off work at midnight, hit the bars, and then sit at the Brockport Diner for breakfast and several cups of coffee till the sun came up. But, I didn’t really like coffee, so I loaded it with at least two powdered creamers and three to four spoons of sugar……and they weren’t big mugs, either! I’d get really upset if the waitress would come and “top off” my cup, cause then I’d have to figure out how much more sugar and creamer I’d have to add to get it back to the only way I could drink it. I also drank it that way at home every now and then. But, I don’t think you can really call that coffee. So, once I put that life behind me, I also put coffee behind me and never drank it, again. I tried off and on every now and then to learn to like it…..but, it was just too bitter to me. I loved the smell of it……but, not the taste! I told myself it was for the best — too much caffeine and coffee can’t be good for you!

Then, I went to Hawaii in January 2020. One of the ports on the cruise was Kona. I was told that Kona produces the best coffee in the world! It just so happens that the excursion I chose included a tour of a coffee plantation. My family and friends all urged me to try it when I got there. So, I did!

I chose a random pot and put a small gulp size splash in the bottom of a cup…..after all, I knew for sure I was NOT going to like it, but had to be able to tell everyone I did, indeed, at least “try” it! Well, I was in total shock when I actually did like it! I looked at the label on the pot and saw it was a dark roast 100% Kona Coffee and I drank it with NO sugar or creamer – just straight black! So, I thought, maybe I should try it again……so, I poured myself a 1/2 cup – same pot, same way – black. It was soooooo good!!! I ended up having two more cups and tried a couple other kinds – one macadamia nut flavored – before we had to get back on the bus. I shipped a few bags of it back home to my brother and sister-in-law, but none for myself – I wasn’t ready to admit I might like coffee, after all. And….the stuff I liked was a bit too expensive to start a habit of.

I tried coffee in a local restaurant once after that and it was the same bitter yuck that I remembered coffee to be, so that was that…..back to tea for me!

Then, I went to Costa Rica the first week in August…..a little more than a year and a half later. I was told that Costa Rica, too, was known for their delicious coffee. So, when I had a chance to try it, I did. It was a VERY hot day, so a hot cup of anything was not something I wanted, but I poured myself a tad less than half a cup to have with our fresh fruit snack on a tour. Again…..I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it was! What gives??? I considered getting a full cup, but it was so hot, all I really wanted was more of the fruity iced tea they also served us.

Again, I bought a couple bags to bring back to my brother and sister-in-law, but none for myself. But, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

So……I got on amazon and ordered myself a Keurig – since I don’t drink coffee, I don’t have a coffee maker and didn’t think I need a reason to make more than a cup at a time. I also figured I could get K-cups of tea and hot chocolate, if I discovered I didn’t get any use out of it for coffee. I chose a Keurig Mini – a slim one that does’t take up much room on my counter – that is the prettiest teal color! I also ordered a sample box of different Kauai coffees all in K-cup pods for the Keurig. I couldn’t find 100% Kona in K-cups, so I went with the next closest thing I could find – a Kona Blend called Kona Classic. I figured I’d try a few and see what I like and go from there. I can always go to the Royal Kona Coffee Center web site and try to get it direct from the place I tried it when I was in Kona, Hawaii. But, I know that’s gonna cost me a lot more, so wanted to see what I might like while saving a bit of cash…..the Kauai is also make from Hawaiian coffee beans – just not the ones grown on Kona…..which I’m told do taste superior to all others.

The day I got my package, I set up the Keurig, ran a couple cleaning batches of clear water through it, and chose the Kauai Mocha Macadamia Nut one for my first cup. WOW — LOVED IT!!! The next day, I tried the Kona Blend… is a medium roast…..sooooo good!!! And, today….as I’m writing this, in fact, I’m enjoying a cup of the Kauai Na Pali Coast…..a dark roast…..and I may have a second cup.

The Kona Blend – yesterday while reading on my patio!

I’m amazed……I think I’ve created a monster…..a coffee loving monster!!! I’m still not convinced I’ll like any regular coffee…..may try it after I get myself used to drinking this wonderful nectar, but I think I’m going to be a coffee snob!!! LOL

So…..when you hear that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks or you can’t change life long tastes…..don’t believe it!!! I have developed a new guilty pleasure and look forward to peaceful morning cups of coffee right here in my own little slice of paradise!

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