August Daily Photos – Part Two

I try to do these Daily Photo posts once every seven days or so…..I’m a bit late for this one, but here goes!

Reminder – this month I am to take a photo each day that represents something I’m grateful for…..Month of Gratitude!

Day Eight: Local Farmers

Day Nine: Friends – old and new

Day Ten: Flowers that attract Butterflies

Day Eleven: Lucy

I was grateful to be a part of my precious great niece’s first restaurant experience when I took her Momma out to dinner for her birthday

Day Thirteen (I missed Day Twelve): The Wind that makes my wind chimes sing

Day Fourteen: Incredible Young Local Talent

Day Fifteen: Living close to the store

I had to run out Sunday evening cause I was out of sugar to make fresh nectar for my hummers

Day Sixteen: My hummers were the grateful ones – their feeders were back and full of fresh nectar

I’ll try to not be so late in posting next time…….

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