I don’t think I ever mentioned this here, but I have a “thing” about the number 3. Whether it is deliberate or just happens, the number 3 comes up all the time for me! It is my good luck # and I find myself consciously or unconsciously doing or grouping things in 3’s.

Some examples:

  • I always choose the # 3 when I have to select a # for a chance to win something or just for luck – if 3 isn’t available, I look for a number that is comprised of groups of 3 or at least has a 3 in it
  • I think the absolutely most perfect # in the world is 333 — THREE THREE’s!!!
  • when I wash my hands and there is a paper towel dispenser, I always pull off THREE towels to dry my hands
  • same with napkins – I typically take THREE napkins
  • the nick nacks and what-nots on shelves in my house are grouped in sets of THREE – any other combination just doesn’t look right and makes me nervous
  • I strongly believe the “they come in threes” or “where there’s one, there’s three” rule and find is almost always true for sneezes, deaths, babies, pregnancies, and lots of other situations
  • I have THREE letters in my name – K-I-M
  • I have THREE degrees
  • I have THREE dogs (this definitely wasn’t deliberate – I had one, then two, then four and it would have stayed that way if Puddles hadn’t gotten so ill and left me with three)
  • I hit the snooze at least THREE times every morning before I get out of bed
  • I have THREE trees planted across the front of my house
  • My numerology # is 3
  • I even have THREE kidneys — yep, it is true!!! I have the regular two plus a third, separate fully functional, but much smaller, one

And, that is just a few examples…….and the universe seems to agree with me on the importance of the number 3 – for instance:

  • THREE Wise Men brought THREE gifts for Jesus
  • There were THREE blind mice
  • There were THREE Musketeers
  • THREE is more stable – a tricycle, 3 legged stool, tripods, etc.
  • Babe Ruth wore the number THREE
  • In baseball, the # 3 is key: THREE bases, THREE strikes and you’re out, you generally play your best hitter every THIRD batter, nine innings (3×3)
  • There were THREE stooges
  • THREE times a charm
  • Genies grant THREE wishes
  • You count to THREE to synchronize things

And there are many more examples of the importance of the # 3!!!!

One Comment on “Three

  1. I’m trying to figure if Dale Earnhardt being #3 was a good thing or a bad thing…

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