Pool Opening, Godspell at the Temple, Dinner with Friends, Etc…

I have had the best time over the past couple of days!!! Here’s how it all went down:

The pool is open for fun:

  • On Friday, I took 1/2 personal day from work to take care of some personal business. Later in the afternoon, I was in the back yard with the girls – just playing around – and noticed how warm it was! The girls were panting and drinking a lot of water! So, I decided to get their pool out for them. I pulled it out of the shed, hosed the cobwebs and dirt off it, and filled it up with fresh, cold water! A little history about the pool: Katie has loved her pool for about 3 summers now. Amy immediately took to it last year after watching Katie enjoy it for about 2 seconds!!! Megan, however, took a while to get the courage to get in it – but, once she did, that was it — she loved it and was in it more than the other two combined!!! So — when I got it all set up this year, it was no surprise that Megan was the first to dive right in and start splashing around! Amy followed soon after. Katie made it clear that she preferred to just lay on the grass and sunbathe!!!! ha-ha She did get in after a while, but mostly just wanted to lay around in the sun…… So – the pool fun is in full swing!!!

Godspell at the Temple Theater:

  • Then, Friday evening, I met some friends at the Temple Theater to see Godspell……..I never saw Godspell on the stage, but did see the movie when it was released in 1973. So, I was expecting to see the production at the Temple to be a bunch of young people dressed like 1960s hippies dancing and preaching love and peace around NY City! WRONG — I understand that this particular play leaves it to the director to decide how it is presented and that it is important to modernize it to reach a new generation. But, it was a little strange seeing the actors dressed like kids do today and the scenery set in a mountain camping theme. But, my disappointment stopped there!!! It quickly became obvious that the director’s choices were right on and the whole thing was totally delightful. The talent was amazing! Lisa, Pennie, and I all loved it and had such a good time. When we left, we made a date to see Ain’t Misbehavin’ – the next show (and the last of the season) at the Temple – I can’t wait!!!!

Basketball Disappointment:

  • I was reading the Sanford Herald this morning and noticed that there was a basketball tournament between Wyeth and Central Carolina Hospital to benefit Relay For Life! Now, please note that I am NOT a basketball fan, but I was intrigued with the idea of going to cheer on the Wyeth teams (a girl team and a guy team)! The “FYI” note and the blurb in the Community Calendar only said when the games were going to start (the girls at 10:30 and the guys at 12:00) and that it was being held at Wicker Gym – no address!!!! It did, however, mention that the use of the Wicker Gym was being donated by the Lee Co Parks and Rec – so, I assumed it was at the old Armory – wrong!!! I drove around for a while checking out all the places I thought it might be – anywhere I knew of that the Parks & Rec had facilities. I couldn’t find it — I called the cell # in the Community Calendar and didn’t get an answer, so I went to the Dairy Bar and had breakfast, instead!!! I got a return call from the lady at the cell # about 12:30 and she told me it was off Vance Street, but it was too late to go – I was into something else by then and the girls were done and the guys were well into the game. Just a quick tip for anyone who sends in a notice for the Community Calendar or an FYI note — please include an address so people that may not know where something is can find you…….


  • After I left the Dairy Bar, I went to the Shops of Steele Street to get a new night shirt – I picked up a cute one that says “As a matter of fact, the world DOES revolve around me!” ha-ha-ha I also got some treats from Amy’s Confection Company while I was there – a pretzel and marshmallows (of course both chocolate covered)!!! I also went through the car wash — not that it will last very long — my red mustang will be covered in green dust again in no time at all……

Saturday Evening:

  • After the pleasant morning of breakfast and shopping, I spent the afternoon at home playing with the girls and enjoying the breezy day! Then, I went to Love Nails and had my nails done and had a pedicure —- hhhmmm – lovely pampering!!! After I was done there, I was going to go to Myra’s Kitchen for a quick dinner, but they were closed. Funny how things work out, though —- I had the bright idea of checking out the new location of Davison’s Steaks (if you didn’t know, they have moved out on Rt 1 near Tramway in the old James’ Seafood Restaurant)! I was very impressed with the way they redecorated the place — very nice!!! I had sat down and just told the waiter that I would have sweet tea to drink and I noticed some friends from work — they insisted that I join them — I didn’t want to intrude, but I’m so glad I did — we sat there for about 2 hours or so just talking and talking and talking — I had the BEST time!!! Dinner with Suzette, Tim, and Tim’s Mom was a ton of fun – I am so happy the evening ended on such a great note!!!

So — that was my weekend, so far — and I’m beat!!! I think Sunday will be devoted to relaxing and lounging around with the girls!!!! I need to recuperate so that I can be ready to take on a whole new week…….

2 Comments on “Pool Opening, Godspell at the Temple, Dinner with Friends, Etc…

  1. Kim, Thank you for coming by the Shops!! I hope you enjoyed your chocolates!

    I want to know more about Myra’s Kitchen…where is it? I have never heard of it! We are always looking for somewhere new to eat (we eat out WAY to much!).

    Also, thanks for the info on Davison’s. We couldn’t make it over the weekend, but really wanted to know how it was. I am so excited that they moved and can wait to go to the new location!

    Thanks again, Amy

  2. I’ll send Amy an email, but just in case someone else wants to know the answer to her question about Myra’s Kitchen:

    Myra’s Kitchen is a little country restaurant at 1401 Colon Road across from the Turner Chapel. They serve up really good country home cooking! The owners, Myra and Buddy Kitchens, are always there doing the cooking and making sure their guests are happy! Be sure to leave room for dessert — Myra makes some awesome desserts from scratch – especially those with the words “crisp”, “crunch”, or “cobbler” in the title!!!

    Check them out – you won’t be sorry!

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