One of my all time favorite bands from the 70s was Bread – David Gates was the lead singer. They made some amazing music! Just thinking of many of their songs brings back such wonderful memories! Songs like:
  • “Make It With You”
  • “Baby I’m-a Want You”
  • “Aubrey”
  • “It Don’t Matter to Me”
  • “The Guitar Man”
  • “She’s The Only One”
  • And my very favorite song of theirs: “If”

Here are You Tube clips of “If”, “Aubrey”, and a medley of other hits – all by Bread! ENJOY!

2 Comments on “Bread

  1. Best song: “Everything I Own”
    Their “greatest hits” album and Carole King’s “Tapestry” were the soundtracks for the early 70s … when I was just starting to discover music.

  2. ALL their songs are “best songs” – the entire Anthology album is amazing! You’re right — Carole King’s Tapestry album is great, too!

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