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Elizabeth Taylor – Another “Mr. Taylor” Soon?

I read something very interesting this morning – Elizabeth Taylor may be headed down the aisle yet again!  Aside from being a movie legend from a time when movie stars were glamorous and beautiful, she is best known for her penetrating violet eyes, her… Continue Reading “Elizabeth Taylor – Another “Mr. Taylor” Soon?”

Julia Roberts

In honor of this weekend’s opening of “Valentine’s Day” in theaters, I thought I would devote a post to Julia Roberts movies.  I really like Julia Roberts and her name on a cast list is almost always a sure bet that I will run… Continue Reading “Julia Roberts”

iTune Diversity

I’ve often said that I like just about any kind of music, but have some obvious preferences – mainly 60’s/70’s classic rock, country, and country rock.  But I enjoy a lot of other kinds of music, too!  As I review the list of songs… Continue Reading “iTune Diversity”

Days of the Week

Have you ever thought about the true meaning of the names of the days of the week?  Yeah, you could go through that whole process of determining the root and origin of the word and get the meaning that way!  But, it probably won’t… Continue Reading “Days of the Week”

Mixed Emotions

Life is back to normal after the holidays and extended time off from work.  You know – back to the old grind; same ole, same ole; the big let down; back to work to rest from vacation…….however you want to categorize the fact that… Continue Reading “Mixed Emotions”

Closing Out A Decade

In just a few short hours, a year will end….and so will a decade!  To say that this year has flown by would be an understatement.   An old saying tells us that the older we get, the faster the time flies by.  I believe… Continue Reading “Closing Out A Decade”

Lots to be thankful for…

It is always easier to dwell on what you would like to have more of or what you don’t have that you wish you did have!  But, it is so much more satisfying to focus on what you DO have and be thankful for… Continue Reading “Lots to be thankful for…”

Memories of Beatles

It doesn’t take much to connect The Beatles to a significant memory.  They played a HUGE part in my life.  So, when I read Billy Liggett’s editorial in Sunday’s Sanford Herald, I found myself running through the many, many Strawberry Fields in my mind.  I… Continue Reading “Memories of Beatles”

How they found me…

I usually get a chuckle or two when I look at my blog’s stats page and see what search terms bring people to my blog.  I wonder what they were expecting to find on the web when they plugged in the search term and if… Continue Reading “How they found me…”

New Year

Well, another year is in the history books and a new one has begun…WOW – time just sails by in the blink of an eye!  Here are my New Year’s Day reflections and a look forward… 2008 – Almost everyone I talk to mentions… Continue Reading “New Year”