Today is August 1st! Really! More than half of 2014 – and, more importantly, more than 1/2 the summer –  is gone……in the blink of an eye! Remember that bucket list I wrote about in April (click here to refresh your memory), well, I not only haven’t done ANY of them, I’ve added to the list and haven’t done any of the additions, yet, either!

Where has the time gone? I hate that every time I think of time slipping through my fingers I also think of that old saying – “the older you get, the faster time seems to fly by” – not fair!!! Now that I’m retired and should have more time to do the things I’d love to do, time just isn’t on my side….in fact, time is trying its darnedest to defeat me at every turn!

Suddenly, it is August!

To be fair, I knew that May and June would be pretty busy and I likely wouldn’t be able to do much – especially mid-end of June. We had our 40th class reunion on July 12th and I lead the planning team that worked on this reunion for the past year or so. It was fabulous and well worth the time – a true labor of love for me that resulted in an emotionally charged weekend of events that I’ll never forget! The reconnections with dear old friends and the kindling of friendships alone were worth it. But……it still meant that some of May, most of June, and the beginning of July were blocked out so that I wasn’t able to get to my ever growing bucket list. And, of course, LIFE got in the way a few times!

But, the spring and first part of the summer weren’t totally lost to adventures! I did make a trip back to my “other home town”, Sanford, NC – that was very nice and I loved seeing everyone! I also made it to Olcott Beach, finally, for the first time of the season just yesterday. I sang in public for the very first time in my life (other than as a part of the choir in church) – in fact, it was at one of the reunion weekend events – I sang The Beatles’ song In My Life at the Memorial Tree Dedication with another friend and then we sang it, again, for our church this past Sunday morning! I also had several really amazing day adventures with my Mom and friends! I do like those spontaneous little adventures that just pop up and make incredible memories!!! The bucket list is great to have and work towards completing, but actually these types of adventures and memories generally top them any day of the week and twice on Sunday’s!!!

So, what does that mean for me and my bucket list? Well, I still have August and September to knock some of them off the list. October will be perfect for some things, as well. And…….there is always next year! 🙂 What doesn’t get done just rolls over and added to for the next season! And, who says some things can’t be done in the winter months?

As for this summer/fall……I’m thinking these are my priorities – of course, priorities change as opportunities arise, but as of today as I sit here thinking about it, this is my hit list:

  • Genesee Country Museum – a nice weather day in my near future will knock this one off the list!
  • Corning Glass Museum – a friend and I are thinking of picking a date in Sept/Oct for this over night trip!
  • Niagara/Orleans Wine Trail – maybe I’ll find one of those bus tours for this one – limits time to just wander at my own pace, but ensures I’ll get it all in!
  • Lighthouse trail – I need to find a map of all the lighthouses on Lake Ontario and visit them all!
  • Canada – I’d like to cross over into Canada at the Lewiston Bridge and drive along that scenic road that goes by the Botanical Gardens and other attractions on the way to Niagara Falls!
  • Miscellaneous Stuff – I still want to try to do the Kazoo Factory/Museum and the Carousel Museum and a few other local little day or half day adventures – the kind that you just get up in the morning and see it is a nice day with nothing on the calendar, so you just take off and do something!

Oh, I’ll get to it all – may not be this year and the list may never totally go away if I keep adding to it – but, I will continue to knock the adventures off the list and enjoy life as I whittle away at it! But, as for today – the first day of August – and probably much of the weekend, I plan to stay close to home! The lawn needs to be mowed after all this rain we’ve had (if the back yard dries up enough to get the mower out of the shed), I really need to catch up on some housework, and I need to make a pan of baked beans for a Memorial Service for a former teacher and fellow church member on Saturday. I also just might take Mom to the Cobble-Ridge Co-op where my friend is singing so that she might get to see us sing our song – one more time! And – another possible treat – fellow blogger, Tom of The Backroads Traveller blog – is planning a road trip to Albion on Saturday, so we might find a way to connect and meet up at some point on Saturday! At any rate, no big adventures until at least next week!

And so it goes…….looks like I’d better set some plans (flexible ones) to get some of this stuff done or I’ll be writing another post around November saying how time slipped away, yet again!!!

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