2014 Bucket List

It is that time of year, again…..the weather is starting to improve and be somewhat dependable (as dependable as spring weather can be) and thoughts of getting out and about and enjoying life abound! After the brutal winter we had, it is all the more exciting to start thinking about putting together my “2014 Grand Adventure Bucket List” (formerly called my “Things to Do and Places to Go” list)! I can’t wait to get started checking things off!

So, what will I put on my list this year? There are so many things to see and do that can be done on short day trips or even just taking an afternoon to enjoy! I also have a couple things that will likely be longer, 2-3 day trips. There are a few things I’ve had on my list since I moved back, but just haven’t gotten to them, yet – this year just might be the year they get checked off! Here’s what I’m thinking, so far……of course, as opportunities arise or I discover something new and interesting, the list will likely evolve as I go!

In no particular order:

  • The Original Kazoo Company in Eden, NY – located just south of Buffalo a little over an hour drive from here. This is a factory that still actively makes kazoos on the same equipment it has manufactured with since it began almost 100 years ago in 1916! You can watch the process and even make your own kazoo. Of course, there is also a gift shop and museum.
  • The Herschell Carousel Factory Museum in North Tonawanda, NY – located near Buffalo just about an hour drive from here. I LOVE CAROUSELS…..and I am hoping to share this trip with my great neice and nephew sometime this summer! The Allan Herschell Company was established in 1915 and was in operation producing beautiful carousels until 1970. Many of Allan Herschell’s hand carved carousels are still putting smiles on peoples faces across the country today! The factory museum incudes a 1916 carousel that visitors can ride, as well as kiddie rides, a room full of original Wurlitzer music rolls, and a wood carving shop.
  • The Genesee Country Museum in Mumford, NY – located near Leroy, NY about a 30-40 minute drive from here. I have been to this museum before — many, many years ago — and really want to go see it, again. It is a historic 19th century country village that features people in period costume doing chores and running businesses that would be found in an actual village in the 19th century. Cool!
  • The Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY – this will likely be an over-nighter because it is located about 4-5 hours from here near the New York / Pennsylvania border. You can watch beautiful works of art being created by master glass workers and even make your own masterpiece! This trip can include other cool things on the way and near the museum, as well as a possible stay in a quaint bed and breakfast inn.
  • Niagara Falls, Canada – a little over an hour drive from here, the Canadian side of the falls was always a favorite place to go for me! I haven’t been in a very long time and really want to do it this year.
  • Canada – there are a lot of wonderful things to do just over the border or not far from the border that can be fun day trips or perhaps an over-nighter!
  • The Niagara Wine Trail – there are many fabulous wineries along the Niagara Wine Trail. I’d love to just take a day trip and drive along the trail to visit a few (or several) of them. I’m also considering doing a guided bus tour, which might be a better option!

I think this is a good start……more to add, I’m sure! AND….of course, there will be repeats of some of my favorite places along the shores of Lake Ontario!

One Comment on “2014 Bucket List

  1. Hi Kim,
    The Herschell Carousel Factory Museum has been on my list since last year. The Original Kazoo Company is news and music to my ears, sounds great! Well maybe it doesn’t sound great, but it sounds interesting.

    Tom The Backroads Traveller

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