Wordless Wednesday – Alleys and Arches

I have decided to no longer do a separate blog for my Wordless Wednesday photos and to no longer keep up the challenge – it quickly stopped being what my blog is all about and started being something I felt I HAD to do! Case in point: yesterday was Wednesday and I got half way through the day and realized I didn’t have an inspiration and didn’t have time to go out to get inspired and take some photos – I felt like I had failed in something I set out to do!!! But, I reminded myself that blogging is something I enjoy……just for me……if others read my posts and enjoy my writings, adventures, photos, and reviews, GREAT – if not, oh well…..I’m really doing it mostly for ME!!! Doing Wordless Wednesday for the past month sounded like it would be a fun idea……so, I gave it a shot……it wasn’t that much fun, so I’m done!  🙂  So, I’m ending the Kim’s Wordless Wednesday blog and just going back to writing and sharing on my own personal blog – if and when I want to! Hehehe…….BUT – I didn’t want to lose the WW posts that I liked the most, so I’m copying them onto this blog so they are preserved (“Alleys and Arches” and “Quirky Cemetery Shots” – the third one, “Look Up!”, is already here). At some point, the Wordless Wednesday blog will be deactivated, but for now, it will remain, but not maintained.

Week of April 9, 2014

Here are some photos of Arches and Alleys — the inspiration started out just being Arches, but I found arch framed alleys that looked so cool I decided to add alleys to the mix! I was out and about in the rain on Tuesday and these caught my eye…..enjoy!

The first three are of what inspired me to make it a dual theme – a church in our neighboring town, Medina, has an archway that opens into an alley between two buildings from Main Street to a parking lot behind the buildings. So cool!




The next arched alley is also in Medina:



This is the arched entrance into the beautiful and historic Mount Albion Cemetery in Albion. Made from Medina Sandstone, the arch is capped with a peak stone that reads “Mount Albion 1843″:


And, finally, Beaver Alley in downtown Albion with a street paved in Medina Sandstone:





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