How they found me…

welcome to my blogI usually get a chuckle or two when I look at my blog’s stats page and see what search terms bring people to my blog.  I wonder what they were expecting to find on the web when they plugged in the search term and if what they found in my blog fulfilled that expectation.  I sometimes wonder what in the world I wrote that would make my blog show up on a search list based on the term as it was written…(like the times I found “ugly girls in Sanford” and “naked lawn dancers at night” in the list of search terms used to find me)…ha-ha-ha!

So – in case you were wondering what brings people to my blog (I know it is a burning topic on most of your minds), here are some of the search terms from the last seven days:

  • Several with “Dames At Sea”, “Peggy Taphorn”, or some variation of the current Temple Theatre show
    • hope my review encouraged them to go!!! 
  • A lot of people are searching for info on Dogwood Trees – in particular ones “without blooms”, “before they are fully blossomed”, and “June snow dogwoods”
  • A few about tomato plants – including “early girl tomato plants” and “tomato plants with white spots”
    • don’t look to me for gardening advice – I am a notorious plant murderer!!!
  • “Joe Jon Bryant blog Sanford NC”
    • someone’s looking for you, Joe Jon!!!
  • “80s hairstyles white walls”
    • hhhmm – multi tasking search term, if I ever saw one
  • “dream driving in bad part of town”
    • wonder if they found comfort that they are not the only one dreaming about driving in a bad part of town – also wonder if their dream was the same as mine
  • “strict aunts”
  • “joe and kim in sanford”
    • who’s joe???
  • “what colors go with terracotta in living room”
  • Some about “angels” – including “sad angels” and “angels in heaven”
  • “thomas english camera”
    • sorry – no posts about “thomas english cameras”, but I hope they enjoyed my opinions on “thomas’ english muffins”
  • I almost always find a search term about something in Sanford or Albion – this time they included:  “Angies Breakfast Barn”, “Temple Theatre”, and “Mount Albion Cemetery Tower”
  • I even had one from someone looking for “yankee profit”

So – there you have it!!! 

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