Words for Wednesday

blog therapistJust some quick mid-week thoughts….  I love having this blog to “unload” my thoughts on people who pop in to see what I have written!  This graphic says it all:  “I don’t need a therapist – I have an online journal”!  Ha-ha — you all are my therapists!!!  Just send me your bills……


The Appetizer for today’s “food for thought”:

There are three movies that are coming out soon that I am getting excited about:

top_theproposal  The Proposal – Release date:  June 19th 

top_mysisterskeeper  My Sister’s Keeper – Release date:  June 26th

julieandjulia_bigposter  Julie and Julia – Release date:  August 7th


And now for the Main Course….

Other thoughts:

  • I’m so excited to see Lindsay and Amycoming back to their blogs!!!  I’m anxious to hear all about the list of topics Amy is planning for us!!!
  • The girls have totally stopped eating furniture and tearing up pillows and other things!!!  No new damage since before Christmas!!!  Whew!!!  Took them long enough!!!  ha-ha
  • The Magnolias are in bloom all over town and my Gardenia bushes are covered with beautiful white blossoms!!!  So lovely!!!  Can’t wait for the Crape Myrtles to bloom!
  • I planned to go to Myra’s for dinner tonight, but wasn’t feeling so good today, so I ended up changing my mind and having a Lean Cuisine instead!
  • Speaking of not feeling well – I laid down to take a nap to try to shake off a migraine and dreamed that I woke up to find that my friend had come in while I was napping and completely finished all the renovations we have planned for the garage and shed and it all looked so great and organized!!!  BUT – he whacked the button for the garage door and it was stuck in the open position and there was no way to close it anymore!!!  Strange dreams……
  • Speaking of the renovations on the house — we’re going to start with the garage this weekend!  I still have a patchwork quilt look on my kitchen wall – gotta get the primer out and cover it up so the new paint doesn’t bleed through!  I’m excited about getting started with it all!
  • The new season of Top Chef starts on Bravo tonight – but it is a “Masters” edition!  It will be nice to see how the Masters compete with each other, but it sorta defeats the intent of the show……I’m still sure I’ll enjoy it, though! 
  • David Carradine — hhmm — turns out that his death is sorta like getting caught in an accident with dirty, holey underwear — not something you want the world to know about!!!
  • I was sorry to hear about the explosion in Garner yesterday, but was more than a little irritated that they preempted the entire hour of All My Children (maybe longer, but that’s all I had on tape) with interviews of people saying they didn’t have any details to share at this time and a lot of speculation…..come on – wait until you know something and then report it on the 6:00 news – a quick break in to make the announcement or a news runner at the bottom of the screen would have been good, too!

That’s it for now….Looking forward to the weekend!

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