What a lovely day!

It was such a nice day today and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!  Let me tell you all about what made it so special.

First:  The rain that was predicted for today didn’t happen!  It got a little cloudy a couple of times and looks like it might rain tonight, but during the time I was out and about, I was able to ride around with the top down!  The sky was a beautiful blue with huge, fluffy white clouds and the temperature hovered right around the 70 degree mark!  PERFECT!

I started the day out doing one of my most favorite things – playing with the girls! 

Then, I headed out….

First stop was the Grand Opening at The Painted Petal Art Design Studio.  What a lovely little shop Lisa Orlando has!  Lots of great ideas for decorating and she holds classes, too!  I’m planning to have her come see what ideas she has for some hand painted accents around the house after I get done with all the painting I am planning to do.  The other part of the Grand Opening was Lisa’s daughter’s business – Ashley Wicker has opened a Massage Studio there, as well.  She was giving free chair massages, so I definitely took advantage of that!!!

I then went to have lunch at the Steele Street Coffee and Wine Bar!  I’ve only been there a couple of times and both were for lunch on a Saturday afternoon and both were very enjoyable experiences!  I had a glass of red wine with the flavors of blackberries, blueberries, some other berries, and a hint of chocolate — amazing!!!  I should have written down the name of it – I knew I’d forget it!!  I also had a cup of Maryland Style Crab Soup – a clear tomato based broth with lots of veggies – I didn’t see any crab, but it had a very nice distinct crab flavor – yummy!  The sandwich I chose was the Oriental Wrap – grilled chicken breast, shredded carrots, lettuce, cabbage, crispy oriental noodles, and a ginger sauce — delicious!  And they put some fresh strawberries, blueberries, and cantaloupe on the plate, too!  I took a Mango Tropics (blend of mango, pineapple, and banana) smoothie with me to sip as I went about the rest of my business!  Perfect lunch!

I went to Added Accents to get a birthday gift for a friend and then headed to Lowes.  My friend is coming over tomorrow to measure the garage and kitchen to get supplies for some of the work we’re going to do on the house.  So, I wanted to go to Lowes and decide on the wainscoting and chair rail molding I want so I’m not wasting his time trying to make up my mind!  I picked out the perfect wainscoting for the kitchen and absolutely fell in love with a beautiful chair rail molding!!!  It has a leafy vine through the middle of it – striking!!  So – the kitchen will be a nice light wood wainscoting on the bottom half, the terra cotta paint on the top half, and this beautiful chair rail molding painted one of the colors I’m using in the living room to pull it all together (not sure whether I’ll use the wall color or the trim color – I’ll have to wait to see which one looks best with the wainscoting)!

I went ahead and bought the chair rail molding – they only had three pieces of it and I loved it so much that I was sure it would be just my luck to go back tomorrow and find they sold them!!!  I bought all three – I’m fairly sure I’ll only need two, but I didn’t want to risk it!  I can always use it for something else or take it back, if I don’t need the third one!

When I got home, I found out that I was all set to send out info for an on-line Thirty-One party I am hosting!  I’m doing it on-line cause my house is gonna be all tore up for a while during all the renovations I’m starting!  Check out the end of this post for more info, if you’re interested!

For dinner, I put a pork roast in the oven and it came out sooooooo good!!!  I out did myself!  It was tasty, moist, tender, and made the house smell amazing!!  I roasted carrots and onions with it and they made the perfect sides! 

I am now capping off the evening with a nice cup of tea – Egyptian Chamomile with Delicate Apple!  YUM!  Life is good!!


So — about the Thirty-One on-line party:

WHAT IS IT? Thirty-One offers a variety of high quality purses, totes, bags, and home decor items. With multiple products, styles, and colors, there is something for everyone in our catalogs. Our famous “skirt purse” allows you to change the look of your purse for only $15 without the hassle of having to transfer all of the contents. This is my favorite product and I use it every day!

Our 31 kid catalog is new and offers baby and kid items like bibs, bottle holders, changing pads, kid-friendly totes, craft aprons, pacifier holders, and much more!

Our all new Direction catalog launched on June 1 and offers a wide variety of products, including messenger bags, bath wraps, hobo bags, sports duffels, and much more!


Go to www.mythirtyone.com/emilypage  

Click on “Order from a Party” (on the right above Emily’s photo).

Next to Kim’s name, click “select”

You can browse by category, search for a product, or enter a product number from the online catalog

Don’t forget personalization!

Once you are done adding items to your cart, click “checkout” at the bottom of the page.

If you live locally, select the “ship to hostess” box to avoid paying an additional $4 in shipping

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